Undead Unluck – Season 1 Episode 16 Recap & Review


Episode 16 of Undead Unluck begins where we left off in episode fifteen with all the Union members awaiting Apocalypse’s quest announcements. Apocalypse states everyone on Earth can compete in these four quests. Additionally, he says they have until December 31st to complete these quests, otherwise, UMA Revolution will be unleashed. 

Juiz reiterates Apocalypse’s words to the group. Billy shares his thoughts and proposes a catastrophic solution. Tatiana’s unsure about Billy’s nuke scheme since many people could die. Billy’s not willing to back down from this. He tells everyone, including Juiz, that they’re unable to kill God. 

Billy pulls out his pistol and starts firing at the Union members. Shin and Andy repress Billy and Andy contemplates Unseen’s quest results and Unrepair’s words he shared with him in the prior episode. Andy alludes to Billy being in cahoots with Unrepair and the other Under members. Meanwhile, Sparx notices Haruka got injured during the squabble with Billy and asks Nico if he can help him. 

Enraged, Sparx attacks Billy, which riles Tatiana up. Billy shakes the wound off. He plans to take the entire Roundtable to Under and kill God. Fuko notices Unrepair and Latla. Unrepair compliments Fuko and Fuko reveals she’s shaved off a few pounds due to the training she and Chikara received in the past months. 

Tatiana’s not willing to accept that this is Billy and that he betrayed them due to multiple reasons.  Chikara’s frightened by the spooky sight in front of them so Andy suggests that he take a backseat and hide somewhere. Unrepair laughs and refers to Billy as his boss, upsetting Tatiana more. Sparx attacks Billy again, but this time, Billy retaliates and wounds him. 

Billy comments on Sparx’s ability, repairs his wound, and battles Juiz, Shin, and Andy. Billy overwhelms the trio by using Juiz’s ability against them, surprising Juiz. Billy has Burn, his fire monster, swat the trio away. He asks Tatiana to accompany him to Under because he needs her powers. He reminds Tatiana that he saved her life so he wants her to return the favor by joining him. 

Fuko shoots at Billy. She discusses concepts regarding influence and betrayal. Realizing she’s not complying, Billy tells Tatiana that she is his enemy. He plans to flee with Burn and the others. Juiz tells Andy they must retrieve the Roundtable from Billy because it’s the only way they can oppose God. 

Andy devises a scheme that involves Fuko’s Unluck ability. However, he’s worried about Latla’s ability. Juiz understands and gives everyone tasks that will assist them in preventing Under from fleeing. Fuko promises Tatiana that she’ll save Billy and heads off with Andy to confront him. The episode closes with Juiz enacting the operation. 

The Episode Review

As with any story that features an organization, there’s bound to be a rat hidden amongst them. Unfortunately, the Union’s traitorous scoundrel turned out to be Billy. Given the kind-hearted actions he demonstrated in Tatiana’s flashback, this will likely hurt viewers who found his character charming. Hopefully, Fuko can keep her promise to Tatiana and find a way to sway Billy to the Union’s side.

Having said that, the idea of their being a Union traitor makes sense. While it would’ve been great for the series to provide viewers with more foreshadowing toward this development, this twist was a nice way to shake things up for Undead Unluck’s storyline. Moreover, it’s unfortunate that we didn’t get to peer into Fuko and Chikara’s training regime.

Although the regime seemingly lasted for a short while, it would’ve been fascinating to see what they endured. Thankfully, it doesn’t look like this tale will be wrapping up anytime soon, so there’s hope we’ll get to see Fuko and Chikara become essential Union members over time. Overall, this was an enjoyable chapter of Undead Unluck. It adds some curve balls fans may not have anticipated. I’m excited to see how this battle between the Union and Under unfolds. 

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