Undead Unluck – Season 1 Episode 15 Recap & Review


Episode 15 of Undead Unluck starts where we left off in episode fourteen with Fuko asking Unrepair how he survived. Unrepair confirms he died during the fight but ended up de-aging somehow. However, he assumes he’ll revert to his original state soon. Before Unrepair presents Andy and Fuko with a gift, Andy punches him. Unrepair asks Fuko if she recovered from her injury and she says she did. Unrepair tosses Fuko a handgun and refers to it as an Artifact.

Fuko catches the weapon and receives a strange vision. In it, people are suffering while a large figure looms over them. Andy comforts Fuko, touches the artifact, and has a similar experience. Fuko asks Unrepair who the figure was in the vision and Unrepair believes it’s the God the Union’s set on murdering. Unrepair argues no one can defeat that lifeform and confirms his group seeks to rule the world before that being arrives to destroy it. 

Unrepair says the next phase of their plan is in motion. Suddenly, Andy and Fuko receive a report that several Roundtable members are battling Negator Hunters in Egypt and China. Unrepair declares his organization is called Under and says they plan to make the world a fair place to live in. Unrepair suggests Andy and Fuko join Under but Andy believes he can defeat it. Unrepair laughs and departs. Chikara shows up and informs Andy and Fuko that he overheard their discussion about killing God. 

Chikara attempts to flee and uses his Unmove abilities to stop Fuko from confronting him. However, Andy gets behind Chikara and says he wants to thoroughly discuss things with him. The trio head into Chikara’s school to chat. In a classroom, Chikara asks Andy questions regarding when he believes the world will end. Then, Chikara tells the two he wants to live and atone for something he did in the past. He relays a bleak tale to the two about the time he accidentally used his powers to murder his parents. 

Chikara says he contemplated suicide due to the ordeal but couldn’t because he’d see his parent’s faces. In Chikara’s heart, he knows his parents would request him to keep moving forward to abandon that thought. Through meeting Andy and Fuko, Chikara realized he could use his powers to save people. Chikara tells them he wants to be a part of the Union. Before they discuss things further, his classmate Ryo arrives and starts questioning things. 

Chikara calms Ryo down and Ryo shares some incredible university-related news with him. Someone arrives to pick Andy, Fuko, and Chikara up from the school. Ryo tries stopping Chikara but Chikara uses his powers to stop Ryo. Chikara thanks Ryo for his kindness and says he’d like to graduate with him if manages to help the Union kill God. Chkara enters the vehicle and asks Andy if they can wipe Ryo and everyone’s memory of Chikara from their minds. 

Nico wipes everyone’s memory, and Ryo returns to school like nothing happened. Chikara cries during the car ride and Fuko tells Andy she wants to murder God for her, Chikara, and everyone’s sake. She asks Andy if he can help her train. We cut to Juiz inside an undisclosed location and learn that a special training regime’s underway that’ll help Chikara and Fuko become stronger.

The episode closes with everyone at the Roundtable awaiting Apocalypse’s next round of quests. 

The Episode Review

This episode was a huge improvement over the previous chapter by a landslide. It gives viewers more insight into Under’s goals and Chikara’s background. It sets fans up for more exciting ventures involving Chikara and Fuko. While the anime doesn’t go into much depth about Unrepair’s de-aging fiasco, this episode confirms Under will be worth keeping an eye on in the future. 

Moreover, this episode gives viewers reasons to empathize with Chikara’s character more. From his tragic backstory to his righteous goals, I’m excited to see how this training regime will help him improve his skills as a new Union member. The same can be said for Fuko’s character. While her Unluck abilities have come in handy for Andy, it’d be great for her to adopt better control over said powers. 

Additionally, it’ll be stellar for her to adopt excellent combat potential. From martial arts to battle strategies, the possibilities are endless. By and large, this was a great episode of Undead Unluck. I’m excited to see what the future holds for Chikara, Fuko, and the others. 

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