Twogether – Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Race Is On

After performing their song together and winning the golden key, episode 5 of Twogether begins with Seung-Gi and Jasper heading back to their apartment and deciding on a hotel to stay at. As Day 5 begins of their trip, instead of driving for 2 hours they decide to use their key to get a driver to take them to Damnoen Saduak instead.

This famous floating market is a real hot-spot on the tourist bucket-list and includes plenty of canal boats and little markets worth exploring. Their first mission there involves playing rock paper scissors with the merchant in order to win a doll to move on. Only, it’s not as easy as it seems given how many merchants there are and rules regarding number on sticks correlating to how many times they need to win in a row. If they lose? They need to buy something from that merchant.

After losing several times, Jasper finally redeems himself and wins the doll for the pair. Only, Jasper’s doll is the worse for wear and broken in half. With the mission now complete, the duo receive their next clue to use. Confident they can find the address using only three clues, Seung-Gi and Jasper head out and arrive in the neighbourhood.

Miraculously, they find their fan Kim and celebrate their success. This girl happens to be Jasper’s fan and he hands over a sketch he’s drawn previously for her. As we see from a scene before they arrived, Jasper spent a good amount of time drawing pictures for his different fans.

Meanwhile, Kim’s grandmother takes a shining to Seung-Gi and asks him to sing – which he does, happily. It’s a lovely meeting and one that concludes their stop in this beautiful place to head straight for Chiang Mai.

This time though things are being mixed up a little. The duo are competing against one another and have until 8.30pm the following day to win. As the day of the competition begins, the duo awaken and start racing to their destination. Seung-Gi tries to get a head start by locking Jasper in the room but Jasper’s wise to his antics and gets the upper-hand. However, Seung-Gi gets there first and wins the advantage.

Their next mission happens to be dropping from 26 and 50 foot drops, respectively. Both of them need to ride a water bicycle across the lake and see how far they can get to determine who’s jumping from the higher height. Jasper wins this game and with both of them ready to leap, the episode ends on an agonizing cliffhanger.

Seeing Jasper draw pictures for his fans is a really heartwarming way to round off his visit to Kim’s house and the whole idea surrounding the duo now competing is a nice touch that certainly adds to the episode’s appeal. Overall though, the entire episode has done a great job capturing the vibe of the entire series and mixing things up now so the pair are actually competing against one another is a great inclusion that may just be what the show needs to spice things up a bit for the final set of episodes.


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