Twogether – Episode 4 Recap & Review

The Unlucky Bottle-cap

Episode 4 of Twogether picks up right where we left off as Seung-Gi finally meets his second fan. At a loss for words, she introduces herself as Nadya and has pictures of him all over her room. The two can’t stop laughing either, and Seung-Gi hands over his album and signs it for her.

With their journey in Bali drawing to a close, the pair head to Bangkok for their third destination on this fan-centric trip. After sorting the expenses out with the Director, they make it to Khwaeng Chana Songkhram and begin to walk along Ram Buttri Road.

Their first mission proves to be trickier than they thought, as people are made to take part in different tricks with the two boys; the winner leaving the table with a dish for their dinner. If the duo win, then they also get the added benefit of gaining another clue.

After several failed attempts over numerous different games (and one incredibly unlucky bottle-cap game), Jasper and Seung-Gi finally catch a lucky break and get to eat pineapple fried rice. Finally happy they’ve won, they also get given the clue they need too.

This brings them along the busy road on a tuk-tuk to compete in an ax-throwing game against the CEO (but not the evil kind like we see in K-dramas!). They surprisingly win too, beating Ryan and managing to get hold of their next clue and – even more importantly – the golden key. However, they have to sing up on stage in order to earn the key. Will they be in-key to win the key? We’ll have to wait and find out!

With most of the episode taken up with Jasper and Seung-Gi’s games in the restaurant, this also opens up a whole wealth of comedy as the pair undertake in numerous different activities against different tourist. The bottlecap managing to make it all the way to the end of the table after their defeat to Angus is a definite highlight here though and it’s hard not to feel sorry for them after that. Eventually the duo do manage to eat though and their bad luck is certainly counteracted by their miraculous win against Ryan in the axe-throwing.

This episode is definitely one of the strongest in the season and certainly a highlight reel of feel-good comedy too!


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