Twogether – Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Race Is On

Episode 6 of Twogether begins with Seung-Gi jumping off the cliff edge and plunging to the water below. Given Jasper’s phobias though, he has issues taking the dive himself. He overcomes this eventually and takes a leap of faith, splashing down into the water. Jasper cheekily hides Seung-Gi’s keys though, which certainly helps close the gap in time between them, but it doesn’t deter Seung-Gi who takes Jasper’s bike instead.

Seung-Gi and Jasper both stop for lunch in Chiang Mai at their own chosen restaurants. Afterward, they convene at their destination which happens to be a Sepak Yekraw court. Although they don’t play the impressive, acrobatic version of the traditional sport, they do decide to get involved in a modified version allowing the ball to bounce once on the ground.

Despite Seung-Gi taking a hefty lead to begin with, Jasper pulls it back and the game goes to a match-point, which Seung-Gi eventually wins. 

The pair then pick one of two destinations with the intent of making a present for their chosen fans. Jasper heads to an art class while Seung-Gi attends a Thai cooking class. If they both please their teacher, they’ll win their respective mission. Seung-Gi cooks a delicious dish at the same time as Jasper creates a elephant head painting. Both impress their teachers and are successful, prompting the duo to rush to their fan’s house.

Although they both get close, Seung-Gi gets there first. Just as well too, it turns out Nattya is actually Seung-Gi’s fan. After exchanging gifts and ringing Jasper to break the news, the duo head off again to their next destination.

This happens to be a place known as “The World’s Roof” in Nepal. After what’s transpired in the past between these two, it’s been a week since they’ve seen each other and Jasper finally arrives to greet Seung-Gi at the airport. Their elation and happiness is cut short however when the Director breaks the bad news to them. As it’s the rainy season, their flight to Pokhara could be cancelled due to the airport on the verge of being closed. Will they make it in time?

With another cliffhanger ending and lots of decent material in this episode, the humour continues to flow between the two but there’s also some melodrama added for effect as well. Despite that, the show continues to deliver the goods with Seung-Gi meeting his fan a particular favourite. Still, the show leaves things wide open for its final two episodes and it’s certainly a show you’re going to return to again.

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