Truth Seekers – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Astrid’s Visions

A brief glimpse to the past begins episode 3 of Truth Seekers. Two people sit huddled around talking about a powerful book – the only one in existence in fact. Midway through talking, guards arrive and stab them both.

We then cut back to the present as Gus and Elton sit Astrid down and talk about her experience. Or, as Gus calls it, “Casper Syndrome.” Managing to calm the girl, Gus speaks to her subconscious but things quickly go awry.

In the wake of this carnage, the group lie passed out on the sofas. Meanwhile, Richard heads downstairs to use the computer… until the windows log in wakes everyone up.

At work, Astrid tags along much to Dave’s amusement but once again he receives a weird static call. That doesn’t phase our merry band of Truth Seekers, who seek out the help of Gus’s old acquaintance, Janey. Astrid continues to see the weird apparition of the plague doctor standing outside.

In Janey’s caravan, Gus spies that same strange book from before which she bought off someone. She’s only used it once though and time caused her curtains to catch on fire. Because of this, she keeps it trapped under a glass cage.

Eventually they get down to brass tacks and begin the ritual on Astrid. Things quickly take a turn for the worst as Janey realizes in horror this isn’t an ordinary haunting. “What have you brought into my house?” She asks in horror, ushering them all outside. Interestingly, the camera pans down to show the book lying on the floor.

Back home, Richard starts recording a congratulatory video for Helen but the filters flash on and he accidentally uploads his video. Woops! Only, Helen has her own problems when Elton rocks up with Astrid and asks whether she can stay. The answer – as predicted – is an emphatic no.

After a bit of digging around, Gus’s research on Astrid’s case brings him back to the site it all began. The trio break into the hospital and find Astrid’s bed. Well, they’re 85% sure it’s hers anyway.

The group begin the ritual but those paranormal entities start bleeding through again. Gus spies Emily’s ghost and hurries off, leaving it up to Elton to finish the chanting. It seems to do the trick too and, breathing heavily, he rushes in to check on her.

Everything seems to have gone according to plan and the group reconvene back to Gus’s. Once there, they realize Richard’s blunder has actually helped the YouTube channel gain some new subscribers.

The Episode Review

The third episode of Truth Seekers essentially acts as a bottle episode, managing to bring everything together at the end and presumably solve Astrid’s haunting problem. The book continues to be an alluring concept though and I’m sure that’s not the last we’ve seen of that either.

There’s a few decent jokes dotted in along the way and both the comedy and horror has mingled well thus far in the show. With enough mystery to keep you sticking around, what’s next for our group?

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