Truth Seekers – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review


Red Eye

Episode 4 of Truth Seekers begins with Doctor Connolly working with a boy called Peter. Together, they successfully manage to move a soul into the radio. High fiving one another, they excitedly wonder what’s next.

We then cut forward to see Gus enjoying his newfound fame (100 new subscribers!) thanks to Richard’s video. Outside Gus packs his things up and listens to his ham radio, preparing for Dr. Peter Toynbee’s talk later in the day.

Helen and Richard also tag along too, with the pair discussing internet fame and their next steps to conquering the online world.

While they chat excitedly, the outside world is a whole different ball-game. Helen hangs back in the van alone while the rest head in for the talk. Richard is not enthused though but begrudgingly shuffles inside the theatre. Gus heads off to buy another ticket but realizes it’s completely sold out, locking him out of the room.

While Gus scrambles around for a way in, Atrid and Elton head down to the basement on their horror experience. They hear chanting in the distance, leading them both into a strange room marked Private – complete with a skull and crossbones for good measure.

Creeping inside, the pair find robed figures muttering and worshipping the last page of that book we saw in Janey’s caravan. Needing an escape plan, they use the safe word (Fire) and it causes the cultists to panic. One of them even gets slashed across the neck in the scuffle.

Meanwhile, Richard and the rest of the group find themselves hypnotized by this cult leader who show them a video complete with frightening images. When the video ends, he asks whether they’d like to begin.

That beginning comes from injecting something into Richard’s eye, which glints red. As the lights go back up again, everything appears back to normal… but is it?

Elsewhere, Gus manages to convince Helen to head into the convention, especially given her amazing dalek outfit. She wins first prize until it turns out Gus was the one inside the whole time. It turns out they’ve struck a deal to improve the Truthseeker’s YouTube channel in exchange for Helen’s moment in the spotlight.

As they all drive back home again, Richard removes his sunglasses to reveal a blinding Terminator-esque red eye. Uh oh.

The Episode Review

The mystery surrounding the cult and the pages from the book are intriguing and help to tie everything together consistently across the season. There’s definitely some echoes of Hot Fuzz in the way this has manifested, especially with all the village seemingly being forced into this cult.

So far the show has done a decent job blending the comedy and horror elements, with this episode focusing much more on the overarching story being woven throughout the season. As we cross the halfway point of this one, it seems like we’re finally going to get some answers over what’s going on here.

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