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On the eve of Halloween, Amazon Studios concoct a treat in the form of an 8 episode Nick Frost and Simon Pegg comedy series. With sprinklings of horror and an intriguing mystery interwoven throughout, Truth Seekers is an easy to binge show. However, it’s not without its faults.

With a lot of the comedy front-lined into the opening four chapters, the second half feels much more action-driven and loses a touch of the initial charm this series had in abundance early on.

The story revolves around Gus Roberts. Part broadband engineer/ part paranormal investigator, Gus is reluctantly teamed up with newbie Elton as the duo head out to various hot spots around town. With the promise of 6G being installed, courtesy of Gus’s sketchy boss Dave, Elton and Gus soon bite off more than they can chew.

As the episodes continue, a strange woman named Astrid joins the merry band of Truth Seekers. Rounding out this misfit troupe are Helen and Richard. The former is Elton’s sister who suffers from agoraphobia. The latter is Gus’s Father who’s none too pleased with his son’s extracurricular activities.

Inevitably things soon take a turn for the worst and around the midway point, the main plot line starts to come into focus. A mysterious book, a cult and a strange, enigmatic Doctor all concoct together to form one heady cocktail of mayhem. There is a definitive ending here though but also an intentionally obscure final scene that leaves the door open for a possible sequel.

Truth Seekers is one of those shows that’s designed to be binge-watched. It’s a very enjoyable and competently made series, with lots of little Easter eggs dotted in along the way. The dialogue in particular is really good, with multiple off-hand remarks foreshadowing events that follow later on in the series.

The comedy is a bit of a mixed bag at times but mainly hits more than it misses. Most of the best jokes here are front-lined into the opening half of the show. Much like Hot Fuzz (which this series does feel like its borrowed elements from), the humour fades late on in favour of more action-packed set-pieces. Still, there’s enough to enjoy here and the few jokes that do show up – even in the finale – work really well.

The characters are a bit of a mixed bag here and unfortunately there isn’t anyone who stands out as being particularly memorable. Nick Frost and Simon Pegg bring their usual wit to the roles of Gus and Dave but disappointingly share little screen-time together.

Ultimately though it’s Malcolm McDowell’s performance as Gus’s grumpy Father who’s the real stand-out star here. His jokes are great, the comedic timing perfect and he even has a nice little arc along the way too.

While Truth Seekers is unlikely to ignite the comedy world, it is another solid entry from Simon Pegg and Nick Frost nonetheless. It’s a show with some wickedly good dialogue, a few nice twists along the way and a consistent mystery that’ll keep you glued until the finale.

Whether this one is renewed again or not, there’s enough to recommend here as an enjoyably spooky horror/comedy mash-up.


Truth Seekers releases on the 30th October 2020 on Amazon Prime Video Worldwide!

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  • Verdict - 7/10

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