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Episode 13 of Trolley begins with Hye-joo trying to work out whether Joong-do is really telling the truth or not. Specifically, she wants to know about what happened the night of Ji-hoon’s accident. Given she’s heard word that he was the last one to see their son, Joong-do takes an age to reply before claiming he didn’t see him. “I’m sorry. I can’t tell you.”

Woo-jae rings and distracts them both. Seung-hee has released a post online that’s starting to go viral. Specifically about how Seung-ho died because Hye-joo framed him about the molesting. When Seung-hee’s mother finds out she’s surprised and a little unnerved, especially given what Ki-young knows. Unfortunately, Seung-hee also learns her husband talking to Hye-joo outside, given it’s all been captured on the dashcam footage.

To try and combat this, Joong-do pressures his wife to go on TV and give a statement to try and play damage control. At the same time, Kang meets with Chairwoman Woo and suggests they work together to block the new bill proposed by Joong-do.

Kang knows it won’t pass but joining hands for this matter would be on the right side of public opinion. Woo is pretty confident that Joong-do might be able to turn the tide on this, and proposes a welfare bill as an alternative to try and sweeten the deal.

In the morning, people stand outside Hye-joo’s house with a megaphone, rallying on Seung-ho’s side and claiming that Joong-do is disgracing the party by misleading them. The crowd gather and Hye-joo is forced to slip out the back.

With the pressure piling on Hye-joo, Woo-jae decides the time is now for her to go on the news. Yeon-seo only convinces her further than night, admitting she’s read the post online. She’s starting to doubt her story, especially as Seung-ho had a “bright future” ahead of him. This is enough to tip her over the edge, while Joong-do rings Ki-young and forces him into joining their cause once more and handing over all evidence he has.

Ji-soo, the doctor from before, rings Hye-joo regarding information about Ji-hoon. She brings up Soo-bin too and reveals that the girl had a miscarriage. Ji-soo admits she came back with abdominal pain and even reveals that the baby wasn’t Ji-hoon’s.

So-bin fell pregnant when Ji-hoon was in prison, so it could have been him. She had a miscarriage about 8 weeks into her pregnancy but she forged the paperwork.

Meanwhile, Soo-bin meets with her shady friend who brings up what’s going on with Hye-joo and the rumours spreading about her. He also lets slip that he knew about her pregnancy before she said anything. He found a medical document and had Ye-eun, one of his other associates, pose as her and head to the clinic.

Unfortunately, Soo-bin is now being blackmailed given her bank card was used to deal meth for him, so as such she’s forced to run an errand for him.

That night, Soo-bin unblocks Hye-joo’s number and meets with Woo-jae, who proposes that she work with them. At the same time, Hye-joo confronts her husband once more than night. He eventually opens up and reveals he did meet Ji-hoon that fateful night and scolded hm.

Ji-hoon rang while Joong-do was out and asked for his help given he got in trouble while drunk. As a result, he decided to just go home and ignore Ji-hoon until later on in the evening, with Woo-jae suggesting using the wake as a cover for heading out in the early morning.

Hye-joo does the same thing and heads to her book restoration center and rings Soo-bin, revealing everything she knows. Hye-joo doesn’t judge and instead wishes that she’d just come to see her and explained all of this.

The pair do agree to meet, where Soo-bin brings up that Joong-do was having an affair with Yeo-jin, and both she and Ji-hoon found out. This was the day of Ji-hoon’s death, and Soo-bin originally was going to tell her that Joong-do may have killed Ji-hoon.

The thing is, it checks out given Ji-hoon confronted his father than night about the affair. And as the episode closes out, we cut to Joong-do and Yeo-jin together.

The Episode Review

Given how far into this drama we are now, Trolley delivers a surprisingly subdued and tame episode, at least until the final 15 minutes or so. Most of this chapter tackles Hye-joo’s reluctance to go on the news and discusses whether Joong-do is truthful or not.

It’s not until way near the end of the episode that we actually get some answers. The affair itself is a nice touch though and a lovely twist that elevates this chapter, finally unveiling Joong-do’s true side.

Understanding exactly how Soo-bin and Ji-hoon tie into all this finally puts the puzzle pieces together in a coherent and satisfying manner. However, the supporting characters just haven’t been all that endearing but hopefully the final 3 episodes will change that.

It’s a shame because the core idea here is actually pretty good and there’s definitely enjoyable segments, but this drama definitely didn’t need 16 episodes to tell its story.

Now that we’ve got this big reveal out the way, what are we going to fill the other 3 episodes with? We’ll have to wait and see!

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  1. Soo-bin’s belief that Joong-do and Yeo-jin were having an affair explains her hostility towards Yeo-jin that was puzzling in previous episodes. Still not sure why Yeo-jin wants to sell her restaurant in such a hurry.
    Not convinced Soo-bin’s understanding is correct.

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