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Episode 14 of Trolley begins with Soo-bin’s big confession about Joong-do’s affair. It’s a bombshell reveal and as such, we cut back to August 19th 2022 to see it all take place. This happens to be the day of Ji-hoon’s accident.

Ji-hoon and Soo-bin are together and decide to go to see Hye-joo, adamant that they’ll be treated like family and she’ll know what to do regarding Soo-bin’s ex. However, Hye-joo is not there so the pair decide to have a nap to pass the time.

Ji-hoon awakens to chatter outside, which brings us in line to the flashback of Yeo-jin and Joong-do talking in the hallway. The pair decide to leave and slip out the side, where Soo-bin promises not to tell anyone about what they’ve seen. As for Ji-hoon though he’s shocked, especially as he reveals that this has been going on for 5 years now. Enough is enough; Joong-do decides to meet his father and confront him about the affair. If he doesn’t stop, then Ji-hoon is going to expose him.

We then cut forward to the night of Ji-hoon’s death. As it becomes big news, Soo-bin is shocked and heads to the funeral. She’s not happy but when she receives a call from “JD”, she decides to deflect away from that and stay at Ji-hoon’s place. Now, JD is actually Jung-dae, her ex partner and a complete psychopath.

Soo-bin tells Hye-joo everything, going on to reveal that Soo-bin told Ji-hoon everything about her baby and JD’s persistence. Ji-hoon promised to kill Jung-dae, “He’s so dead. I’m going to kill him.” Were the last words Ji-hoon wrote out. Soo-bin though is adamant that Joong-do could be behind this, going on to show just how ruthless he actually is.

After leaving Hye-joo’s place, Soo-bin had no money so she went to see him. Joong-do blackmailed her into keeping quiet in exchange for sorting her out a place to stay and playing along with the rape story.

After hearing all this, Hye-joo starts to doubt her husband and decides to check the dashcam footage to corroborate the story. Unfortunately, it all seems to add up, especially when she notices Joong-do heading home on the footage for that day.

Hye-joo confronts her husband and asks him about the affair. He denies it, naturally, but Hye-joo is persistent. She brings in Yeo-jin, who happens to be outside the door, who admits that there’s definitely something between them. As a result, Hye-joo makes her decision and kicks them both out her house.

That is, until the evening where she’s still scheduled to hold a press conference and discuss what happened to her. Hye-joo refuses, pointing out that he’s been using their son as a pawn and refusing to do anything he wants now.

With no other option, Joong-do speaks to Woo-jae and asks about that night. Now, Woo-jae has been pretty shady and Joong-do tasked him with finding Ji-hoon, who apparently ran off after losing him. He was chasing Ji-hoon along the river bank.

According to Woo-jae, Ji-hoon killed himself, but Joong-do doubts that. In fact, he believes this was a calculated risk by Woo-jae himself, intending to cover everything up to help Joong-do’s campaign.

So what’s the truth? Well, Woo-jae was at the Han River and confronted Ji-hoon after he enacted a deal at a public toilet where he picked up that stash of drugs. Woo-jae tailed him and he scolded Ji-hoon for messing about with drugs.

Ji-hoon did throw the drugs away into the river but instead of following Woo-jae, Ji-hoon turned and head into the Han River to fish out the baggy. He slipped though and ended up under the water,

Seung-hee heads over to Hye-joo’s and confronts her about Ki-young. Hye-joo urges her to support Ki-young but she’s having none of it, pointing out that she’s been torn apart since Seung-ho died and as a result, she wants Hye-joo to be miserable from now on so she knows what it feels like.

Following this, Hye-joo goes ahead with the news conference and speaks her piece about Seung-ho. She also wishes that he hadn’t taken his own life, regardless of what he did. As she speaks those words, we cut across to Woo-jae who visits Yeo-jin, who drops the absolute clanger that Joong-do actually raped her 5 years back.

The Episode Review

The reveal at the end with Yeo-jin is absolutely shocking and perhaps it explains just why Joong-do was so rattled the first time he saw the pair together inside the house. This could well be the alleged rape incident and 5 years later, that’s just those two talking about the incident, rather than a full-blown affair.

However, it also unclear whether there’s more to this story or not. Trolley has constantly thrown these little fake-out moments and half-truths right the way through and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is another one.

The cheating spouse cliche was bound to crop up in this but now we understand a bit more about this JD character and how it ties into Soo-bin and Ji-hoon too, which goes some way to overshadow this.

However, we don’t know the full story with Ji-hoon yet either. It seems a bit questionable that he just slipped over in the water and died, especially as there were faint whispers that this Jung-dae guy was going to be involved.

If he really did just slip over, then why didn’t they turn over the dashcam footage to the police and concoct a story that Woo-jae was trying to talk Ji-hoon out of doing drugs? This would have probably helped Joong-do’s political campaign. There may be flaws with the story I just came up with there, but Woo-jae keeping this from Joong-do just seems like there’s an extra layer of mystery we need to unveil here.

Still, the final two episodes look set to continue the devastating reveals and right now it seems unlikely that we’re going to get a happy ending!

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  1. It is a great drama.
    I hope this rape thing is not true because it will ruin the whole thing. The image of loving and caring husband who supports his wife must not be changed. Nam Joong- do’s charachter represents a good person to his family and people in general. Keep this good impression otherwise, it will be a total failure.

  2. This is an excellent show. It ties in the idea of the Trolley problem though out
    Can’t wait for 15/16 !

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