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I love a good Asian drama. There’s something distinctly comforting and refreshing with the blend of humour, romance and drama that makes these shows so irresistible. While Triad Princess is unlikely to hit the same lofty heights as some of the heavy-hitting Korean dramas this year, the Taiwanese Original has enough charisma and charm in its locker to make for an enjoyable watch nonetheless.

At the heart of this one, the story revolves around Angie, the daughter of Boss Ni, a powerful triad leader. Obsessed with celebrity Yi-Hang, against her Father’s wishes Angie manages to wangle her way into working as his bodyguard. While Talent Agent Sophia convinces her to keep her gang roots a secret, what begins as a humorous series of events quickly escalates as romance blossoms between the two, complicating matters on both sides.

The story itself does play out rather predictably at times but the early humour slowly paves way for a much more melodramatic, romantic storyline as the episodes tick by. All of this builds up to a will they/won’t they conclusion that ties everything back into the opening episode. This emotional crescendo offers up a pretty satisfying ending whilst keeping the door open for a second season to follow.

Much like other Asian dramas of its kind, the usual array of slick edits, zoom cuts and musical montages all crop up here and help to keep the series feeling distinctly familiar. Although the show is only split across 6 episodes, Triad Princess wastes no time getting right to the heart of the drama, after using its initial episode to set up the humour and tone of the show. Of course, this early dose of humour is restrained a little as the series progresses, and there’s even some light action that manages to sneak its way into the show.

Although Triad Princess is unlikely to be the sort of drama that ignites the charts, there’s a charming demeanor hanging over a lot of this one that makes it an easy show to recommend. It helps in part that the two leads, Eugenie Liu and Jasper Liu, have great chemistry on-screen together and make their romance all the more believable because of this. There are some really heartwarming moments here though and some of the montages really do well to add some innocence and tenderness to our characters.

Overall though, Triad Princess is an enjoyable and breezy show, one that starts off as an all-guns-blazing comedy and quickly settles into a much more sombre offering, one that combines drama, romance and light bites of humour to great effect. With the possibility of a second season opened up at the end, there’s enough of a satisfying conclusion for our two leads to end things on a high. It’s not the best Asian drama of the year, but it is another highly enjoyable one and at only 6 episodes long, it’s worth the binge.


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  • Verdict - 7/10

2 thoughts on “Triad Princess – Netflix Season 1 Review”

  1. I felt like teaching the leads how to use their handphones towards the end. Overall fast paced and a good effort. Hope to see more Chinese dramas on Netflix.

  2. I have just finished watching this show, and actually looked up reviews to see how others reacted to it. I found the series itself to be both short and sweet, though I do wish there were more episodes. The Triads in the show are used in a mainly humerous manner, contrary to my expectations, with boss ni shown as a kind hearted soul underneath his tough exterior. I especially appreciated the romance set up with Ning Ning as both highly unexpected and yet very much welcomed as both characters were humerous and a good fit.

    Overall I really enjoyed this show and would recommend it to others, while I agree with the review above that it’s not the best written or has the best story, I think that this show has its own unique charm to it and the right blend of humor and serious content.

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