To My Star 2: Our Untold Stories – Episode 4 Recap & Review

Episode 4

After Seo-joon has charmed the villagers with his grand performance, episode 4 of To My Star 2 sees him dancing with the villagers. Ji-woo focuses on his work whereas Sung-yoon appears pissed. As Seo-joon waits outside, she joins him and the two start talking about Ji-woo. Seo-joon asks her about their relationship and Sung-yoon states that she dated the chef for five years.

They chat up about nothing in particular as they brag about their achievements in a fun banter. After she leaves, Seo-joon is visibly annoyed by Sung-yoon. Since he drove in a mini-van to the village, Seo-joon takes the village chief on a ride as Ji-woo and Yoo-ha walk back to the chef’s house after the welcome party.

In the car, the chief and Seo-joon talk about how the actor asked the chief to push Ji-woo to cook for the party. Seo-joon parks his mini-van right by Ji-woo’s house as the village chief states that they had gotten permission from the land owner for the same.

At her house, Yoo-ha is watching a niche Korean program about restaurants when she complains to her mother about not being able to get a ride in Seo-joon’s mini-van. Da-kyung is confused about how Ji-woo is connected to the actor.

Meanwhile, Ji-woo drops by Seo-joon’s van to ask him why he was staying back in the village. The actor states that he is comfortable in his van and was not causing trouble to anyone. Ji-woo asks Seo-joon to stop pestering him as the town is his comfort place where he lives without any worries.

The actor states that he would not cause him trouble and the chef leaves. As Seo-joon calmly sleeps in his van, Ji-woo is restless in his house as he keeps vacuuming his floors multiple times.

The next day, Yoo-ha hopes for her mother to do her hair but Da-kyung rushes to work leaving the young girl frustrated. Yoo-ha opens a tutorial video and braids her own hair before school. Seo-joon drops by Ji-woo’s restaurant and orders a meal. Ji-woo wonders why Seo-joon keeps dropping by the village constantly.

The actor states that he sleeps and eats better for the first time in a year after coming to the village. Ji-woo is frustrated but Seo-joon asks the chef to give him some time to process the breakup before he can get back on track. At the TB Entertainment headquarters, CEO Pil-hyun is shocked to learn that Seo-joon travels four hours to and from the village for work in Seoul every day.

Ho-min states that the actor was doing much better now than he has been in over a year. At the restaurant, Seo-joon asks Ji-woo why he was being cold to him when the chef was on good terms with Sung-yoon, his other ex.

The actor asks if Ji-woo still had feelings for her when the chef calls Seo-joon out for asking uncomfortable questions. Da-kyung calls Ji-woo’s restaurant and asks the chef to pick Yoo-ha from school on her behalf as she was going to be held back at work. Ji-woo agrees but just then, the village women come to his restaurant for a meal.

They carry the ‘50% off’ coupons Seo-joon gave them to try out meals at Ji-woo’s restaurant. With Ji-woo busy with customers at the restaurant, Seo-joon goes to pick Yoo-ha from school. She is upset after the actor jokes about her hair. Yoo-ha however is angry that he mother bailed on her and sent Seo-joon, someone she was not close with to bring her back from school.

He offers a compromise to an angry Yoo-ha by taking her to a convenience store and offering to buy her anything that she wants. At the store, the owner of the shop turns out to be a fan of Seo-joon as he asks for an autograph and a picture with the celebrity.

In that time, Yoo-ha sneaks out of the store and goes missing. Seo-joon is petrified looking for her around the town. He gets worried and rushes to the restaurant but Yoo-ha is still missing. Da-kyung and Sung-yoon join the search for Yoo-ha but she is nowhere to be found.

Day turns to night as Ji-woo and Seo-joon look for the young girl all around the village. Seo-joon is worried as he starts going to a dark place in his mind. Ji-woo grabs his hand to calm him down as the duo look for the young girl. Sung-yoon and Da-kyung arrive back at the house as the mother is worried sick for the young girl.

Sung-yoon looks around the house and finds the young girl hiding inside the house all along. Da-kyung scolds Yoo-ha for causing trouble as the mother and daughter cry and reconcile. Seo-joon and Ji-woo are still on the lookout for the young girl when the chef gets a text from Sung-yoon informing them that Yoo-ha has been found.

He notices the worry in Seo-joon’s behavior and informs him that the child has been found. Seo-joon crashes to the ground and finally takes a sigh of relief. He gets Ji-woo to sit down with him as the chef looks at the actor with concern.

Ji-woo suddenly asks Seo-joon how he was supposed to ignore the latter and leans in to kiss him. Seo-joon is shocked and pulls away but Ji-woo intensifies the kiss as the two make out in the dark. A prologue shows Ji-woo looking up recent news articles about Seo-joon which claim that the actor had caused trouble at work which worries the chef.

The Episode Review

What a way to end an episode! This is probably the best-rated episode in the second season of ‘To My Star’ Season 2. I love how the show is about the couple – Seo-joon and Ji-woo but the side characters also have lives of their own that we keep getting insights on.

We know that Da-kyung is a single mother who works hard to provide for Yoo-ha but being a young girl, Yoo-ha wishes she too can let loose sometimes and have her mother take care of her instead of being ignored all the time.

It is endearing how Seo-joon felt like he needed to take responsibility for not being cautious enough around Yoo-ha and bringing her home safely. The intensity of the search for her ended with an extremely heart-fluttering kiss which I hope the writers are able to justify in the next episode because I am rooting for a patch-up immediately after this.

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