Tomo-chan Is A Girl – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review

How The Contest Ends / To Stay Best Friends…

Episode 10 of Tomo-chan Is A Girl begins with Tomo and her friends participating in a marathon event. Tomo and Jun are in the lead and vow to defeat each other in this competition. At some point, Tomo faints.

Jun carries her to a hospital, and she wakes up alongside Misuzu and Carol. Misuzu informs Tomo about what happened after the race and tells her to take advantage of her sickly situation before departing. While alone with Jun, he tells Tomo that Akemi (her mother) will arrive soon to care for her.

However, Tomo asks Jun to carry her to her mother’s car. Before Tomo leaves, she apologizes to Jun for ruining their contest. Jun tells Tomo he’s always willing to help. Jun arrives at Tomo’s place the following day to check on her. Tomo hands Jun his game system since he’s proven to her that he’s a stronger man. However, she tells Jun not to let this get to his head, as she believes she can still defeat him in other activities. The segment concludes with Jun admitting he has no issues being on equal footing with Tomo. The next set piece starts with Jun reminiscing about his first-time landing an attack on Tomo at the Aizawa Dojo.

However, Jun catches on that Tomo’s acting strange about it. Tomo’s father shares his and Akemi’s expectations for Tomo. He knows Tomo can’t walk a path similar to his own, which is probably why Tomo’s acting bizarrely. At the entrance ceremony, Jun bumps into Tomo and finds it odd Tomo’s wearing a skirt. At this time, Jun thought Tomo was a guy like him. Tomo tells Misuzu about the situation, and she thinks he’s an idiot for not catching on that Tomo’s a girl. In a separate class, Jun’s confuzzled by the whole situation. A random student approaches him and asks if he’s dating Tomo since they’re close. Jun doesn’t answer and leaves.

He overhears Tomo discussing with other girls about relationships and flees. Later, Jun stumbles upon Tomo talking with other guys and doesn’t say a word to her. In the present, Jun says a whole year went by, and he never apologized to Tomo for thinking she was a boy. In the past timeline, Jun wonders how to turn his acquaintance relationship with Tomo into something more. Meanwhile, Misuzu struggles to keep up with Tomo’s energy and worries about their friendship. Alone, Jun hatches a scheme to get a girlfriend but knows it wouldn’t be fair to the girl. Jun knows it can be challenging to get one.

At the same time, Misuzu wants to look for someone who can slow Tomo down, allowing her to catch up to her. Misuzu stumbles upon Jun eating lunch by himself and chats with him. Jun says he struggles to make friends, but Misuzu knows that’s a lie. He doesn’t want to meet someone who’d replace Tomo and ruin his chances at getting the relationship he once had with her. Misuzu tells Jun to make up with Tomo. Before she leaves, Jun asks Misuzu to go out with him. Misuzu accepts. While walking, Misuzu tells Jun she and he doesn’t harbor romantic feelings for each other, but she’s willing to play along.

Misuzu tells Jun to use her given name to make their relationship look more believable. We receive a montage of Jun and Misuzu participating in many activities. Misuzu isn’t enjoying any of it but feels she needs to keep up with Jun’s energy to catch up to Tomo. Misuzu tells Tomo that she won’t be able to stay friends with her in class. Tomo grabs Misuzu, and they head to an isolated location. Misuzu tells Tomo that she can’t participate in sports like her, but Tomo reassures Misuzu that she enjoys spending time with her. Misuzu smiles and realizes her time with Jun wasn’t a waste of time.

Before approaching Jun about ending the romance, Jun does it first, depressing Misuzu. Jun approaches Tomo, who doesn’t want anything to do with him. They walk home together, and Tomo punches Jun for taking a whole year to speak with her again. Jun apologizes to Tomo. He says he didn’t want to interact with Tomo because everyone shared rumors that they were dating. Therefore, he didn’t want to make life harder for Tomo.

After talking it out, Tomo and Jun promise to become great buddies. In the present, Jun realizes that he and Tomo have changed a lot since that time. The episode concludes with Jun and Tomo getting ready to head for school and him realizing Tomo’s female charm.

The Episode Review

It looks like Tomo’s finally passed the game system to Jun. Unfortunately, it feels like a waste for her to hand it over this soon. The event leading up to the exchange doesn’t feel as impactful as many would like. It would’ve been better if Tomo had handed the system to Jun near the final moments of the anime for a more jaw-dropping conclusion.

Instead, she hands it to him because he carried her after the marathon. It’s not terrible, but the action could’ve been saved for a better point in the anime. On the other hand, this episode tackles how difficult it can be to maintain proper relationships with companions. Seeing Misuzu and Jun struggle to realize that Tomo appreciates them for who they are was touching.

Furthermore, we get more intel on what led to Misuzu and Jun becoming a pair in the first place, which is appreciated. The episode’s final moments were a bit weird, though. Jun has already recognized Tomo’s beauty countless times in the anime. Therefore, Jun’s discovery of Tomo’s dashing looks doesn’t feel new or exciting.

Based on this chapter’s events, it appears the series is preparing viewers for a great final act. Hopefully, the remaining chapters can deliver satisfying developments for Tomo, Jun, Misuzu, and the other cast members.

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