Tomo-chan Is A Girl – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

The Angel’s True Face

Episode 9 of Tomo-chan Is A Girl begins with Misaki reflecting on his childhood with Carol. In the present, Misaki visits Tomo’s father’s dojo because he wants to train under him. Despite appearing weak, Tomo’s father sees his hidden potential.

Misaki starts his training. After climbing several steps and performing push-ups, he gets into a sparring match with Jun. Jun gives Misaki helpful advice on how to earn acknowledgment from peers. Misaki injures Jun, but Jun knocks him out with a gut punch. Misaki wakes up in Tomo’s room, and Tomo comforts him for his effort. She asks Misaki if he wants to get stronger for Carol’s sake, and he says he does. Tomo tells Misaki that there are some things a fist can’t solve and that he should pursue multiple types of strength. Carol and Misaki walk to school together, and Misaki tells her he’s been attending Tomo’s father’s dojo to get stronger.

He tells Carol he wants to earn Tomo’s acknowledgment, infuriating Carol. Carol asks Jun to hang out with her later. Carol leaves class and bumps into Misuzu. Misuzu tells Carol not to meddle in Tomo and Jun’s romantic development, but Carol taunts Misuzu and says things won’t be going her way. Carol and Jun spend time together. Carol tells Jun she feels terrible about being mean to Tomo and Misuzu. Jun says that they’ll forgive her. Jun and Carol arrive at Jun’s room. Carol plans to torture Jun for getting in the way of her pursuit of Misaki. She gets intimate with Jun, causing him to head to Tomo’s house. Jun apologizes to Tomo but doesn’t explain why.

In his mind, he can’t accept Tomo as a girl yet because they haven’t settled the man-to-man score involving his handheld game device. Carol shows up and apologizes to Tomo and Jun. The next day, Carol apologizes to Misuzu on the rooftop. Misuzu accepts her apology and plans to help Carol win Misaki over. Misuzu confronts Misaki about his feelings toward Carol. He says he loves Carol but doesn’t know how to approach the situation. Misuzu plans to get Carol into a vulnerable state to help Misaki confess to her. Misuzu plans to shatter Carol’s persona to reveal her true colors.

Misuzu meets Carol in class and tells her to give up on pursuing Misaki. Misuzu says Misaki didn’t care about Carol’s attempts at using Jun to make him jealous. Carol leaves and meets up with Tomo and Jun, horrifying them. Misuzu meets with Misaki to inform him about what occurred after she told Carol she didn’t have a chance with Misaki. Tomo heads to the rooftop to meet with Misuzu to discuss the situation. Misaki arrives at Carol’s mansion and heads to her room. Misaki sees Carol with tears in her eyes. Misaki tells Carol that Misuzu lied to her to get her into a vulnerable state to help Misaki out.

Misaki confesses his feelings to Carol, and Carol does the same. Before they’d kiss, Carol’s mother pulls Misaki aside. Carol’s mother says she’s the one who told Carol to smile to get her to stop crying. Carol’s mother’s worried that Misaki will turn Carol into someone she’s not. Misaki tells Carol’s mother that Carol has more people in her life now that love her. He says Carol’s mother doesn’t need to worry about Misaki changing Carol. At school, Misuzu and Tomo are worried about Carol. Carol arrives wearing a rabbit hat and scares Misuzu. However, Carol thanks Misuzu–to her surprise. The episode concludes with Tomo and Carol laughing at Misuzu.

The Episode Review

It appears we got a Carol and Misaki-driven episode this week. Not only that but this one didn’t contain different segments like prior chapters. It contains superb tension, fun deadpan humor, and slight intimacy. Fans also get to peer into Carol’s life more and learn that her mother had turned Carol into the naive, happy-go-lucky person fans know her as today.

It was great to see Carol’s true colors pan out this week. She’s shown resolve in helping Tomo but has never cracked under the pressure as shown in the prior chapter involving her, the philanderer, and Misuzu. It wasn’t until she heard Misuzu’s lie about Misaki not caring about her that she finally snapped and broke the happy-go-lucky facade her mother crafted for her as a young child.

No one likes being told that their crush doesn’t care about their well-being. This will hit home with many people who found themselves in a similar spot as Carol. At the same time, Carol’s relationship with Misaki is questionable from a moral perspective. Considering the two are cousins, many will find it strange to see Misaki and Carol pursue a romance.

It’s a strange decision that I can see turning many fans away from the show as it’s utterly bizarre and somewhat creepy. Regardless, it was wholesome to see Misaki and Carol work things out in the end. Overall, this was an emotional episode full of great themes and nice messages. It’ll be great for Tomo and Jun’s second confession-themed episode to receive the treatment Carol and Misaki got in this chapter. It’d make the anime’s conclusion satisfying, memorable, and downright wholesome.

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