Tomo-chan Is A Girl – Season 1 Episode 11 Recap & Review

My First Part-Time Job / The Abandoned Cinderella

Episode 11 of Tomo-chan Is A Girl begins with Tomo asking Misuzu about working a part-time job so she can get Jun a gift. Not wanting Tomo to do anything stupid, Misuszu says she will join her, and Carol says she’ll offer a helping hand too. Tanabe overhears their conversation and says they can work at his family’s ramen restaurant. Tanabe introduces Tomo and her friends to her father. He’s happy he will receive help since his wife’s not here.

Tomo and her friends put on their uniforms and serve customers. Tomo and Carol fail miserably, but Misuzu seems to tackle her job the best. Suddenly, Jun walks in and startles Tomo. Misuzu and Tomo ask Jun questions about his thoughts about Tomo wearing a maid outfit. He says she looks okay, leading to Tomo and Misuzu asking Carol what he means. Carol gives them vague answers while posing for male customers. After a long day of work, Tomo and her friends receive their paychecks. They wish Tanabe and his father the best at the restaurant and depart. However, Tomo bumps into Jun, so Misuzu and Carol leave to give them alone time.

As they walk home, Jun tells Tomo he likes stopping by Tanabe’s restaurant to eat his family’s ramen. However, he says it tasted better when Tomo gave it to him. Tomo gives Jun his birthday present the next day. The episode concludes with Jun planning his birthday party at Tomo’s place. The next segment has Tomo and Misuzu discussing how Tomo can get more intimate with Jun. Misuzu says bodily contact is the way to go, so they plan a strategy to have Jun grab Tomo’s chest accidentally. At the stairs, Tomo and Misuzu get into their positions. Jun arrives, and Misuzu pushes him down the stairs while Tomo’s waiting to grab him.

Jun avoids Tomo but accidentally grabs Carol’s chest. Jun apologizes to Carol and asks him what he could to make it up to her. Carol says it’s no big deal, but Tomo beats him up. Later, Misuzu contemplates if she went too far with her plan. Suddenly, she falls down the steps, but Tanabe saves her. Tanabe asks Misuzu to swap contact information. Misuzu accepts his offer because she wants to atone for her horrible act. In class, Misuzu tells Carol that she thinks she’s getting in the way of Tomo and Jun’s development and internally doesn’t want them to get together.

The next day, Tomo notices Misuzu didn’t show up for class as Carol tells Tomo that she stayed home sick. Meanwhile, one of her classmates discusses the upcoming cultural festival Cinderella play and asks who should assume the role of Cinderella. Three days pass, and Misuzu’s still sick in bed. Tomo visits Misuzu and brings her some goodies to make her feel better. Tomo asks Misuzu if she knows she’s spending much time with Carol and feels she’s been avoiding Tomo lately. Tomo leaves behind a pamphlet for the upcoming Cinderella play and tells Misuzu not to overthink things. Misuzu looks at the pamphlet and is baffled by something. Misuzu returns to school, infuriated that Carol voted for her to play the role of Cinderella. Tomo says she’ll be playing the prince.

When Misuzu’s practice session with Carol and her friends doesn’t go well, she asks Tomo to practice their parts on the roof. Tomo’s jealous that Misuzu and Carol fit for a princess role better than herself. She wishes she could play a role that’s more her style instead of a prince. When Tomo leaves, Misuzu wonders if she put a curse on Tomo since Tomo feels like she’s unworthy of Jun’s affection.

Everyone gets in costume, but Misuzu realizes everyone continues to move forward, unlike herself. Jun overhears Misuzu muttering to herself. Jun suggests Misuzu discuss things with Tomo. At night, Jun helps Tomo practice her role in the play. The episode concludes with Jun feeling embarrassed about everything.

The Episode Review

Tomo-chan Is A Girl continues to delight audiences with its funny humor and colorful characters. Unfortunately, we’re reaching the finish line, and this chapter might infer something huge will occur soon among our cast. For instance, the chapter spent an entire segment dedicated to honing on Misuzu’s true feelings about Tomo and Jun getting together. Misuzu not wanting them to become a couple doesn’t feel contrived or forced.

The previous chapters have hinted at the fact that Misuzu’s shown some resilience in helping Tomo achieve her dream. Episode 10 gave fans more hints about that by unveiling what led to her dating Jun and how it all turned out in the process.

Based on what we can gather here, it feels like Misuzu doesn’t want to feel like a third wheel or for Tomo to abandon her once she achieves a loving relationship with Tomo. It makes sense for Misuzu to feel this way toward Tomo since they’ve been friends for a long time.

Hopefully, we’ll get an emotional and impactful moment between the two in the final two chapters. As for everything else offered in these two segments, it was fine. There were some funny deadpan humor and clever jokes mixed in that will give fans a chuckle. It was unfortunate that both segments concluded abruptly and refused to elaborate more on the events that were promised. Overall, this was a silly and enjoyable episode of Tomo-chan Is A Girl. I can’t wait to see what happens next week.

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