Tokyo in April Is… – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Episode 4

Tokyo in April Is… Episode 4 returns us to Kazuma’s apartment where an exhausted Ren asks for sex – right now. Kazuma complies but when Ren worries over the curtains letting in some light, Kazuma covers his eyes with Ren’s hands, promising he won’t look or listen, so Ren shouldn’t hold back.

The next day, Ren discovers a box of Kazuma’s high school stuff, has a little peek even though he knows he shouldn’t. The box includes a photo of them and notes that indicate Kazuma had tried to find him.

Back to middle school and Ren gives his side of the story, how he’d liked Kazuma from the start. He remembers Kazuma falling ill that day and what happened afterwards. Because Kazuma was unconscious, he had to explain what happened to the doctor and their parents, including the fact that they had sex.

Their parents were appalled, Kazuma’s mother slapping him and his father disowning him. Ren says he never regretted their relationship. He was sent to school in France and considered suicide but instead sneaked into the hospital to see Kazuma before leaving.

In the present, Kazuma invites Ren to hang out during the day, something they don’t normally do. They chitchat, getting to know each other and decide to watch a movie together at home. Ren laughs at Kazuma for being scared of a horror film.

Kazuma is pleased that Ren’s stuck around for a few days, even if he doesn’t understand the reason. They take turns watching each other sleep.

In the office, a colleague remarks on how radiant Kazuma looks, noting Ren is glowing too – ah people in their 20s. She also notes that two diligent colleagues have recently left, after conversations with Sanada.

Actor Furuya, the former brand ambassador, has now been accused of numerous counts of sexual violence against a number of women. He’s counter-sued for defamation. The final clip is one of a semi-covered Sanada smoking with a woman in bed behind him.

The Episode Review

We’re starting to learn more about the back story and what happened when Kazuma fell ill. Cold Ren seems to have had reasons for keeping his feelings inside, having been abandoned. But now that he finds out that Kazuma was seeking him all this time, his actions start to change. He’s now interested in getting to know Kazuma a bit more and letting Kazuma learn about him as well.

Meanwhile, Kazuma is thrilled to have more Ren-time, whatever that entails – even watching horror movies. He had only shared the topline of his school memories, but he’s always shown his interest in Ren. Whether it was his excited reception or the way he accepts doing things in the way Ren feels comfortable, he doesn’t impose any rules or even likes of his own. He seems to have, both then and now, simply agreed with whatever Ren wants.

The younger actors are great in this instalment, handling tough topics and ensuring their scenes are filled with emotion. In a way, they seem more present and animated than any of the adults. There’s a dark undercurrent that seems to be pervading the current part of the story, without really revealing anything. What’s your take?

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