Tokyo in April Is… – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Episode 5

Tokyo in April Is… Episode 5 introduces a woman making a shirt for someone she hasn’t seen much since he returned to Tokyo.

By text, Ren is summoned to a meeting due to a former temporary employee being assaulted by Sanada. The co-worker says she had nearly been assaulted a few years back too, but it was covered up. Ren commits to helping, thinking of others who can support them. At home, he hides his worries as he thinks about the intimidating way Sanada looks at Kazuma too. By now, Kazuma has learned to take his seriousness in stride.

The next day Ren meets with a former colleague to get the real truth of why he left the company – he’d learned of Sanada’s assaults and tried to intervene, but was forced out. He offers to help Ren, telling him it will take a lot of courage.

Ren checks in with friend Yagami Ryunosuke to see if he’d ever experienced whistle-blowing at his company. In a voiceover, he marvels, retelling the story of Ren showing up at school in France, obsessed with calling someone and not mixing with anyone else or bothering to learn the language.

He’d discovered that Ren was being harassed and helped him with his injuries, trying to befriend him by asking about his dream. But Ren only wanted to reach his friend – and eventually, that number was disconnected. He tried Hide to discover Kazuma had moved back to America after waking from his coma. He’s thankful, at least, to hear Kazuma is alive.

After France, he decided to return to Tokyo to wait for him. Then, one day at work, he spotted his name in a pile of HR paperwork. To Ren it’s a miracle, making him desperate to hide the events of 10 years ago.

On Sunday, Ren gets up for another meeting but he’s out of clean clothes. Kazuma dresses him in a new shirt of his own. On his way out, a woman calls out to him. Recalling how she’d slapped him back then, he recognizes Kazuma’s mother.

The Episode Review

Thank you — we have been waiting for this story to warm up and finally we’re seeing a little personality from Ren. We had just about given up hope on him. Now that we’re seeing how destroyed he was by what happened in middle school, his cold demeanour and the way he treats Kazuma start to make a little more sense. He’s not indifferent – he’s terrified.

Why that means he has to keep the past hidden, isn’t obvious yet. Does he think Kazuma will blame him for his coma or maybe doesn’t remember what happened? Did something else happen or was he accused of more, then too? Both sets of parents denounced Ren and the callous way his father threw him out – he’s got to be carrying some scars.

But would gentle Kazuma see it that way? He’d been looking for Ren, after all. Even if he doesn’t remember everything, would he reproach him after all these years?

In the Sanada case, Ren decides to stick up for the people being harassed at work for a multitude of reasons. Of course, it’s the right thing to do but there’s also wanting to protect Kazuma like he wasn’t able to in the past. Perhaps, now as an adult, he also wants to belatedly stick up for his younger self, who was also brutally tossed aside and made to feel worthless. The past is still very present for Ren. At some point, it’s all going to come out. 

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