Tokyo in April Is… – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

Tokyo in April Is… Episode 3 drops us back on Ren’s floor with Kazuma suggesting they go to bed. We quickly get a flashback to their first sexual experience together as kids.

A young Kazuma is struck by the contrast between his shining friend Ren in the less than appealing, musty love hotel, bursting into tears at the reality. It’s his last memory of Ren, as the next day he is hospitalized first with pneumonia then meningitis, leaving him unconscious for a month. By then, Ren is gone.

In the present, they do go to bed, Kazuma hugging Ren tightly, affirming he missed him. Ren silently responds with a less enthusiastic hug. The next day, Kazuma makes breakfast and tries to talk about their relationship before and now but Ren says the previous night is just a ‘friends with benefits’ thing, expecting that to be the end. To his surprise, Kazuma agrees to continue.

They spend a month like that, the same old friends at the office but sleeping together nightly. Additionally, Ren has rules: no lights, Ren doesn’t show his face or voice and no sleepovers. Kazuma ponders whether it’s a ‘regular’ friends-with-benefits arrangement.

Ren has a meeting with a former colleague who warns him against the Head of HR, Sanada, saying he’s the reason he left the company. He notes the President will never back him up. Ren seems canny enough to perceive the situation.

He doesn’t tell Kazuma about it but invites him home for the usual activity instead. He freaks when Kazuma suggests a shower together. But he’s saved by a work disaster – their celebrity endorser has been caught with drugs. The next day the team focuses on solving their advertising crisis. Ren has a plan to both save and please the client.

Kazuma worries about Ren, bringing dinner and hanging out late at the office in support. He wishes Ren would rely on others a bit more, rather than hiding any signs of weakness. After work, they head to Kazuma’s place. Although Ren is exhausted, he’s still keen on a round.

The Episode Review

So, on last week’s thought about whether they’d really take the relationship further, well you know the answer now.  With episode 3 of Tokyo In April Is…, one has to wonder whether Ren is using Kazuma or is just afraid to show his feelings. When one character has a cold personality, there’s always a little game to figure out who’s really more obsessed with whom and who’s still holding onto the past.

Ren doesn’t tell Kazuma about the warning regarding Sanada – is it because he doesn’t want to worry him? Will he stick his neck out to protect him again should it be necessary? Or is he too like the President, not wanting to get further involved, at least not enough to potentially sink his own battleship?

With the heavy-point line carved between their working and social relationship, what does this mean for their friendship? Even though it’s sexual, both parts seem rather casual. As if Ren might dip out at any moment for any reason, leaving Kazuma flapping in the wind.

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