Titans – Season 4 Episode 4 “Super Super Mart” Recap & Review

Super Super Mart

Episode 4 of Titans Season 4 starts in 1996 with May arriving at her job and being berated by her boss. She struggles to control her powers, eventually telepathically controlling him and killing the guy outright. While everyone rushes in to check, May sits, content with what’s happened. She unfortunately also loses her job too – the fourth in a year.

May meets a strange man at the bar, offering a business card for “The Organisation” which cultivates special individuals. Of course, we know this is all a front with ties to Trigon. “Sometimes the brightest lights come from the darkest places,” He says.

There’s no fee or friends required for sign-up, but he does encourages her to turn the card over. Three words happen to be there, and he tells her to say these out loud. Much the same way Mother Mayhem tried to instill this on Sebastian, when she says these words, something happens.

Fast forward a year and May Bennett is at The Organisation, encouraged to have faith as “He” wants to meet her. Fast forward a month and all the girls are blindfolded and standing before a large hole in the ground. They each tumble backwards, taking a leap of faith into the darkness. Only one can be triumphant and that comes from Mother Mayhem, who goes out of her way to make sure her companion tumbles and she comes out victorious.

In the present, Dick and Kory contemplate what to do with Sebastian. They discuss the Red Moon song Kory has been hearing, while Rachel offers Sebastian some company. He admits he’s been hardly sleeping lately and that May Bennett wanted her to repeat three words.

It seems to be the cycle repeating again, potentially moving the demons across to him from her. When Sebastian says the first word, Rachel recognizes them immediately and hastily tells him to stop.

Although the gang are confident no one survived the fire at the asylum, this latest revelations has certainly changed their mind. As the gang head off, Tim is filled in on the gaps in this story, with Rachel’s father in charge of everything and the events leading to Trigon’s return. When Sebastian hears the word Trigon, he soon perks up, seemingly hiding something from the others.

The asylum is not there anymore but in its place, is a Super Super Mart. Apparently it’s just an ordinary store but a ridiculous amount of ravens circling outside seem to tell another story. The Titans head in round the back and find a suspicious looking entrance. Bennett and the others are aware of what’s happening, watching on their monitors, and intent on letting Sebastian learn about his destiny and origins. “Hounds of Hell, it’s time.” She smiles, as a whole bunch of men head out from the Mart, armed with an array of weapons.

This is unbeknownst to the Titans (and Jinx, who’s tagging along with them) as they descend into the basement. Sebastian shows off a photo of Bennett he has, along with Gina who happens to be his neighbour. It would seem that these guys have been keeping an eye on him all this time, and the fire at the asylum inadvertently let Bennett out, who was chained up in the basement all this time.

So what happened? Well, it turns out May fell pregnant but as it was a boy, it didn’t fulfill the prophecy and was “removed.” Rachel is the one they were waiting for all this time, as we know from the events of season 1.

While Jinx contemplates whether they should just kill Sebastian and be done with it, the others are obviously against this. However, they’re snapped out of their argument by a whole bunch of these armed guards showing up and attacking the Titans. They’re all zombified so the only solution is to cut their heads off. So Rachel straight up hacks at a guy with a chainsaw.

Jinx manages to hold off the group momentarily and as they manage to lock the door and buy themselves some time. However, they walk right into a trap as a zombified Deathstroke appears and begins firing on them all. Connor decides to hold him off, punching his head clean from his shoulders. However, that’s not the end though as Deathstroke replaces his head and marches on them again. Bennett happens to be controlling them all from afar, and unfortunately Connor is stabbed with a knife.

Although the Titans manage to break free and escape, it’s not the end of this. Conner heads into the bathroom and vomits up one of those snakes. He lies to the others, claiming he’s okay, but he very clearly is not.

The Episode Review

So Titans returns this week with another big chapter, one that explains more of May Bennett’s past and how The Organisation tie into all of this. It would seem that Sebastian is the key to everything right now and it remains to be seen exactly how long they’ll be able to keep him safe.

Conner appears to be infected now too and it could only be a matter of time before he turns to the dark side and ends up corrupted, especially if Jinx’s conversation about Superman being evil is anything to go by. That line felt like an intentional foreshadowed nod toward what’s to come.

Either way though ,everything is left wide open for the rest of the season and that cliffhanger is tantalizing enough to stick with season 4 to see what route this is likely to go next.

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