Titans – Season 4 Episode 3 “Jinx” Recap & Review


Episode 3 of Titans Season 4 begins with the gang bringing Rachel back to HQ. She’s still alive but clearly not okay. As Rachel herself says, it seems like her “soul and core essence” have been taken.

Dick decides to let Tim start training, while he and Kory head to Gotham to recruit someone to their cause who could help. Jinx. She’s been in solitary since she came in, but she quickly causes mayhem when she’s released from her cell, touches the ground and turns into a human tornado and disappears. Great work guards! So how on earth are they going to find her?

Given Jinx has a knack for stealing valuable trinkets and treasures, Dick deduces that she could be after a particularly powerful box that’s worth a pretty penny.

Meanwhile, the blood magic continues to work in mysterious ways, turning into a spider that bites two workers while they’re hauling in barrels of blood. This is May Bennett’s doing, who happens to be Mother Mayhem which we established last episode. Speaking to her fellow witch, they set their sights on Sebastian to come in and see them, under the guise of the investors accepting his videogame pitch.

Unfortunately, when Sebastian shows up things go awry. The investor grabs a pair of scissors and stabs himself in the face. Police show up almost immediately and suspect he’s responsible, taking him downtown and ready for questioning. This flashes up on the scanners over with Tim and Conner, who realize he’s an important component in this and are dead-set on tracking him down before the witches do.

Gar speaks to Rachel about his visions, while they’re out together, admitting that he’s whisked away to a world surrounded by red. He’s been hearing voices too, typified by his time in the woods when he collapsed. He’s convinced that skinwalkers have been telling him to join them. It seems that they’re trying to tell Gar something about the witches attacking them. As a result, he’s dead-set on trying to communicate with them – somehow.

Speaking of communicate, Kory and Dick intercept Jinx during a break-in. After snatching a dangerous little box from them, Kory’s curiosity gets the better of her, she opens it up to reveal a beating heart and… she’s turned to stone. Jinx can’t reverse it and the only solution is to find the dark elf whose spell this is and reverse it. So for now, Dick has no choice but to follow along with Jinx.

The pair arrive at a parking lot and pay their way, opening up a hidden nightclub where this dark elf happens to be. Dick finds the dark elf in question… who immediately requests he be killed.

Dick more than holds his own, taking out the hired goons and prompting this elf to strike out herself. Dick manages to knock her out and soon learns this is another ruse. It turns out Jinx led him there on purpose under the illusion that the dark elf is the only one who can reverse the spell… when she’s not. It’s Jinx!

Dick returns to Jinx and learns she has a deathmark, explaining her tricks. She owes 5 million and this explains why she’s so adamant on taking risks and scoring big. Dick comes up with a solution for her – help free Kory and he’ll wire the money himself.

After freeing Kory from her stone, Tim and Conner ring with news. They deduce together that this whole thing with Sebastian is a set-up, set into motion by May Bennett. Dick implores them to sit tight for now, warning that this is dangerous.

While they battle back and forth, Bennett shows up and sees Sebastian, deciding he’s going to change the world and she’s right there to help make that a reality. She convinces him to embrace the darker side, making him repeat a series of words.

Before he can finish however, Conner comes bursting in and saves the man from certain doom. Bennett heads out and watches them leave, smirking and believing she’ll get another shot at this.

Meanwhile, Gar and Rachel continue to wander through the darkness, stumbling upon a tree with human remains hanging from it. So what are these Skinwalkers saying to Gar as they whisper and swirl around his head? “When the blood moon is full, the world will fall.”

The Episode Review

Titans returns with another small step forward in this storyline, as it appears Sebastian is a big part of this blood ritual and supernatural story. Quite what he’s needed for and what this ritual actually is remains to be seen but it could well be that Sebastian is some sort of vessel for an otherworldly monster.

We also get a bit more development for Gar, who’s off galivanting with Rachel who hasn’t got her powers at the moment, while Conner helps Tim train.

Beyond that though, there’s really not a whole lot going on with this one, which feels more like a bridged episode, paving way for bigger things in the future. Hopefully next week picks up the pace!

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