Titans – Season 4 Episode 5 “Inside Man” Recap & Review

Inside Man

Episode 5 of Titans Season 4 starts with Rachel listening patiently to Sebastian, who retells his horrific dream he’s been suffering from. He’s on a runaway train and there’s no getting off. Raven though, is quick to point out that in real life you get a choice and as a child of Trigon herself, she’s managed to get off this train and believes he can do so too. But the only thing for it is to keep Sebastian away from Mother Mayhem.

That’s easier said than done though when Connor is infected and inside STAR Labs; the huge snake is on the loose. Jinx needs the snake captured in order to attempt to work her magic, so there’s noting else for it but to search the labs. Gar heads off with Jinx, with the latter talking about his visions and how the place Gar has been visiting is called “The Red”.

When Connor ends up possessed and gets close to Sebastian, thankfully the Titans manage to suss out what’s happened and tie down Connor with kryptonite cuffs after blindsiding him. Kory and Raven take Sebastian out to downtown Metropolis, to that same diner that Kory ended up seeing several episodes back.

Meanwhile, Jinx deduces that they need to do a magical expulsion to free Connor from his curse. Given he’s now being controlled and acting awry, they don’t have much other choice. It’s time for Operation: Trojan Horse Virus. Essentially, Gar is to head inside Connor’s body undetected as a virus. Given he can rearrange his DNA, it should theoretically be possible for Gar to scramble down to that microscopic level.

The theory here is that Gar’s virus becomes a carrier for Jinx’s Blue Ash, which is the key to undoing the infection. Gar intends to head down into Connor’s body, replicate and infect the snake. In doing so, it would allow Connor to live. However, if Connor dies then so does Gar. Even worse, there’s no exit strategy for getting Gar back out again, so it’s a super risky plan.

Still, the plan goes ahead and Gar’s virus begins to spread. The Titans twiddle their thumbs and pray. Gar’s plan works, and as Connor goes into cardiac arrest, Dick quickly gives him some adrenaline to stop him crashing. The snake slithers out of Connor’s mouth but it’s Tim who manages to slay the creature and save them all. As for Gar, they free him from Connor and he becomes whole once more.

Meanwhile, Kory learns that her purpose in this world is fated to kill, not save, Sebastian. However, when Mother Mayhem suddenly shows up at the diner, Kory ends up fighting with her. Sebastian sacrifices himself to save Kory’s life, given she’s easily outfought, and decides to say the three words of Trigon out loud, protecting the Titans from being killed. In doing so though, has he plunged the world into chaos?

The Episode Review

Titans returns this week with another slice of supernatural drama, as Mother Mayhem finally gets her hands on Sebastian. Thankfully, Connor is no longer infected and simultaneously it also helps give Tim a heroic moment to savour too.

This fourth season has been pretty mediocre so far though and compared to some of the earlier stories, this one has been taking its time to get to the good stuff. Now that Mayhem has her hands on Sebastian though, it looks set to really plunge the world into a dystopian nightmare. Can our heroes come out of this on top?

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