This Bed We Made Guide: “Room 505” Walkthrough & Safe Combination

This Bed We Made Guide: Room 505

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Room 505

Room 505 Safe


Room 505

When you step out the elevator, immediately inspect the flyer to the left. Someone has been putting these up all over the hotel about how sinful divorce is. Opposite this on the chair is a newspaper headline about the snowstorm. You can hover over each of the individual stories, and even turn the paper over to inspect the ads on the back.

For now, approach your trolley outside Room 505. You can inspect the manual on the top, including what Sophie thinks of her role. When you’re ready, interact with the front door.

Now it’s time to do some snooping. Interact with all the pictures hanging up on the clothesline. Now, tampering with different items can have consequences to the story, so do bear that in mind. However, all of these are pictures of Sophie herself and it’s perfectly acceptable to take these down.

After, while on the phone to Beth, you can choose either Beth or Andrew for help. This choice makes no difference to the end outcome of the game, beyond an achievement, so feel free to go for whichever you’d prefer. Do be sure to always pick the flirting options in the dialogue though, regardless of who you’ve chosen, in order to unlock the “Kiss, Kiss, Kiss!” achievement at the end.

You need to find a way into the safe. For now, go ahead and clean up all aspects of the room. This includes throwing away all pictures up in the dark room. Methodically clean and throw away everything in the dark room. Next head outside and be sure to open the drawer by the fireplace (pictured below).

Inside, you’ll find a note from a pawn shop. After, head deeper into the room and interact with the map up on the wall. Interact with each of the post-it notes and flyers. It would seem that Mr Spade has been following you around for a while. Either way, interact with the desk and throw away the empty cans. Turn off the TV and be sure to continue throwing everything away. Be sure to interact with the paper on the table too, and also the envelope. Oh, and the stack of letters here too.

Next, pick up the note on the ground to see that Mr Spade wants to change rooms to 507. Turn the note over and be sure to inspect the handwriting on the lower left side. Sophie will contemplate whether this could be the safe combination. After, throw it away.

Room 505 Safe

Pick up the key from the top of the TV set after clearing away the papers, and approach the suitcase at the foot of the bed. Be sure to grab the pillow when you do and make the bed, placing the pillow back where it should be Next, use the key on the front of the suitcase.

With the suitcase unlocked, examine each of the different items. There’s a letter confirming Mr Spade (whose real name is Paul Morgan) was in psychiatric care. You’ll also gain a crucial part of the safe combination too. Next, close the suitcase and be sure to return the key to its rightful place on the TV. This is important in gaining achievements!

Finally, head over to the bedside table and interact with the photo. Turn it over and inspect the handwriting. After, the phone will ring.

Answer and be sure to share what you’ve learned so far., including the psych hospital and Morgan’s PTSD in the war. If you’ve investigated thoroughly, you’ll uncover the full detective skills for the room, and also the safe combination too.

Before opening the safe though, head back outside the room and be sure to replace the towels. Interact with your trolley to place the dirty items and then replace them with clean ones, returning to put the towels up n the rack up on the shelf in the dark room. Close the door to the dark room after and approach the safe.

The code to open it is a combination of all the items we’ve found around the room, including the discharge date, the address and the division in the army. Each of these can be found on the items across the room of course, but if you want the solution immediately, it’s 34-99-57. Turn the handle and it’ll open.

Inside, you’ll find a handgun, plenty of film rolls and some documents. Be sure to throw away every film roll inside and then inspect the book. Mr Spade has been following a couple called “M” and “H”, but the reason for this is unclear right now. Be sure to turn the paper over and look at the front too, before putting it back, closing the safe, and throwing away the film-rolls atop the safe and on the ground in front.

When all that’s done, use the phone and ring through to your accomplice again. They’ll suggest that the couple could be staying in room 509. They also match the initials “H” and “M”. Looks like we have our next port of call!

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