The Watchful Eye – Season 1 Episode 6 “Save New York” Recap & Review

Save New York

Episode 6 of The Watchful Eye starts with Elena and Scott meeting at a restaurant. Scott informs Elena that he has some men protecting Teo at school. He also tells Teo’s school about the situation. Elena doesn’t want Teo to know or worry about what is going on, while Scott is worried about Elena and wants to send someone to watch her back at the Greybourne’s.

Elena refuses and they start blaming each other about who lied more. Elena feels Scott should have been worried from the start when she mentioned she felt like she is being watched. Scott apologizes and asks to start over again. He promises a happily ever after once they get and sell the rubi but Elena is no longer buying it. Scott asks if they are okay and Elena sarcastically responds they are.

Elsewhere, Roman gets invited to spend the night with Bennet. Bennet is planning to take advantage of the fact that all grown-ups will be going to a charity function later that night. However, Roman is roped in by Elena and given another mission to handle that night.

Elena wants to attend the charity masquerade ball and find out who is threatening her family. Roman thinks Scott might be behind the pictures left behind in the basement but Elena doesn’t think so. She argues that even though Scott is a Greybourne he has no reason to scare her or threaten her. She thinks it must be someone else. Roman says it could be anyone as the basement is where the storage units for the tenants are. Roman is scared and wants to pull out of the deal but Elena refuses.

After their conversation, Roman asks Elena to deliver the invitation letter to the charity gala to Matthew. The charity gala is run by the Greybourne’s and the theme this year is, “Save New York.”  Elena and Matthew bond over how unnecessarily grand the party is. Matthew is feeling pressured to go because Mrs Ivey is an honoree.

Elena asks if she will need to babysit but Matthew tells her Jasper has a birthday sleepover and leaves to get his son ready. Elena takes a picture of the letter seal and sends it to Scott. She wants him to know that the letter seal is made of the same symbol she has seen all over the building. She thinks everything is related and the Greybournes are all into illegal businesses to help their company thrive.

Scott dismisses her and says she sounds like a conspiracy theorist. Elena insists on going to the ball but Scott says that it won’t be in their best interest for her to go. He says it won’t be safe, Elena promises she won’t attend the gala but she is lying. She tells Roman to search Mrs Ivey’s house while she is at the gala and look for the rubi.

She walks Roman through the plan and shows him the way to the old staircase in the basement. The only problem is the lock for the door is on the other side. That means she has to open it from Mrs Ivey’s house. Elena being the diabolical strategist that she is, uses Jasper to get into Mrs Ivey’s house. She finds Mrs Ivey getting ready for the gala and uses the distraction to open the door.  Mrs Ivey reminds her that she should update her on any new developments concerning Matthew. She is hoping that Matthew won’t remarry and lose Greybourne’s money through an expensive divorce.

In the meantime. Tory prepares for the gala and picks Matthew’s suit as well as her dress. Dick finds it uncomfortable that Tory is still looking after Matthew six months after his wife died. He, however, is too happy to focus on that. The gala is supposed to be a big night for him,  he is going to be a member of the board. He feels that would make him a real Greybourne. Tory asks him to be careful and doesn’t seem happy about his achievement.

After dropping Jasper at his sleepover, Elena randomly runs into Ginny. Ginny informs her that her bosses are sick and won’t be able to attend the gala. Elena convinces Ginny that they should use the tickets to sneak into the masquerade gala. Ginny is initially hesitant but Elena gets in her head and she agrees to go. She feels like Elena is having a hard time and wants to cheer her up.

Night rolls by and the masquerade gala party starts. Elena, Ginny and Alex Sneak in and they are asked to check their phone at the desk. They happily hand over their phones and head in. Elena overhears Otis’ conversation asking someone to make a problem go away. Otis later talks to Tory and tells her that he hopes the night will go as planned given that it is Dick’s big night. Tory is worried to hear this and leaves to look for Dick.

On the other hand, Matthew spots Elena and they have a dance and talk about the extravagant party. Elena asks him to keep it a secret that she and her friends snuck in. As they dance, Otis calls Matthew aside. Otis wants to make sure that Matthew will vote for him at the board meeting. He is willing to buy Matthew’s vote but Matthew tells him that he will only choose what is best for Jasper. He tells Otis that he wants to get out of their arrangement and doesn’t like what they’re doing. Otis reminds him that he can check out but he can never leave.

Otis proceeds to give a speech and welcomes Mrs Ivey to give hers. As Mrs Ivey gives her speech, Tory worries about Dick’s whereabouts. Elena follows Otis to the basement of the building and sees Dick tied to a chair. He is being beaten by two men wearing masquerade masks. Scott sneaks up behind her and drags her. He is angry that Elena still came to the party after he warned her not to.

Elena tells him that she is there to find out who is threatening her but she has realized this is bigger than that. She is sure that the Greybournes have been killing anyone getting in their way.  Scott tells her that they need to get out and he doesn’t care what the Greybournes have done to other people who became problems. He is only concerned about the rubi and their safety. Elena gets angry and breaks up with him. She tells him that they will finish the job but they are over.

As the party at the gala rages on, Roman and Bennet hook up. Bennet admits that she has been crushing on him for weeks. After sex, Bennet goes on a rant about Tory being insufferable and Roman patiently listens. Bennet asks about his relationship with Elena and he says they are just friends. He remembers that he had a mission and hurriedly leaves to sneak into Mrs Ivey’s house.  Roman manages to sneak into the house and starts looking for the rubi.

Meanwhile, Elena goes back to the party and sees Mrs Ivey leaving. She rushes to pick up her phone but the receptionist informs her that someone already took her phone. She manages to find another phone and leaves Roman a message to get out of Mrs Ivey’s house. Concurrently, Tory takes her phone and tries to call Dick. She spots Ginny pretending to be her employer.

On the other hand, Roman manages to leave Mrs Ivey’s apartment just as she gets there. Elena also arrives and runs into Bennet at the elevator, as it turns out they’re both going to the attic. Roman is surprised to see Elena arriving with Bennet, while Bennet finds it suspicious that Roman was waiting for Elena there.

She doesn’t believe their story about rats and is angry Roman is lying to her. After learning that Roman slept with Bennet, Elena lies and tells Bennet that she and Roman hooked up a few times. She says it is not serious but Bennet leaves the room angrily, refusing to listen to Roman.

Roman is mad as he wanted to tell Bennet the truth. Elena tells him that he is complicating their arrangement by sleeping with the tenants. Roman tells her that he doesn’t know what is real or fake anymore. He finds her recent behaviour unfamiliar and he is done with their deal.

Before Elena could come to terms with Roman leaving, Ginny busts into her room. She is angry that Elena left the party without informing her or Alex. Elena tries to explain her phone was stolen but Ginny thinks she is just giving an excuse. She thinks she will lose her job because Tory recognized her. She asks Elena to tell her the truth about why she wanted to go to the gala. She assumes that Elena is looking to get a rich husband and has targeted Matthew.

As they talk, Ginny gets a message from Elena’s phone. The message is a picture of her, Elena and Alex as they head to the gala. It also says, “We saw you and know who you are.”  Ginny demands to know who Elena truly is.

The Episode Review

This episode felt dragged and things only got interesting in the last few minutes. We are no closer to the rubi or the truth and the plot is more confused now than before; this is what happens when the writers drag the mystery too long.

Anyway, we know that Mrs Ivey suspects someone is in the house. Matthew is doing something shady with Otis. Dick is in trouble and Elena is losing people’s trust. It will be interesting to see if she will get Roman and Bennet’s trust back. I don’t think she needs to trust Scott, if anything she should watch out for him. He is unreliable and hides too many things from her. They don’t trust each other and have been lying to each other from the start.

However, I am looking forward to seeing what happens with Dick. I am surprised Tory is worried about him as she always seemed too concerned about Matthew. Either way, I hope we will make progress in the next episode.

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