The Watchful Eye – Season 1 Episode 5 “Stairway to Eleven” Recap & Review

Stairway to Eleven

Episode 5 of The Watchful Eye starts with a flashback of Matthew and Jasper surprising Allie on her bed on her birthday.  They bring her a cupcake with a candle, and Jasper asks her mom to make a wish. Matthew heads out for his meeting leaving Allie and Jasper excited about their plans to visit an aquarium to see jellyfish.

Allie and Jasper are out watching jellyfish when Scott appears, and Allie asks Jasper to count some jellyfish to distract him as she talks to Scott.  Scott asks Allie how far she is with what they talked about.  Allie tells him she will try harder since she hasn’t had time to say anything.  Meanwhile, Jasper looks at Scott’s badge as they are talking.  Jasper asks Allie who Scott is, and Allie tells him it’s her friend.

Elena confirms with Jasper that Scott indeed knew Allie before she died.  As Elena and Jasper leave, Matthew calls Elena and introduces her as their nanny.  Scott tells Matthew that they have already met at the incident.  Scott is here to ask Matthew a few questions about a case Elena thought was closed.

As Scott leaves, Elena offers to escort him out. Elena asks him if there’s anything she should know.  He tells her that he has come to make sure Elena and Matthew don’t get too close to each other.  Elena warns Scott not ever to come over again. She thinks his showing up is a threat to her.

The elevator sounds and Elliot and Ginny are in it.  Scott steps in, and Elliot comes out.  He says he’s there to see Darcy and give her a necklace, but Elena thinks it might come out too strong since it’s only a new relationship.

Elena heads back to the apartment and asks why Matthew is working closely with Otis Winthrop. Matthew tells her that it is not easy to get funding for projects and Otis helped his company. Elena argues that Otis is corrupt but Matthew tells her that Otis is family. He diverts the topic and asks Elena to help with Allie’s birthday, which is on the next day.  Elena would be the perfect one to know what Jasper may want for his late mom’s birthday.

Elena leaves for Jasper’s room to find him playing.  Elena cleverly interrogates Jasper to find out if Scott knew Allie. Jasper tells her that Allie used to meet with Scott and says Scott was his mom’s policeman friend.  She goes back to Scott’s place later and apologizes to him. She tells Scott that she understands his worry about her getting close to Matthew. Elena says she missed him and they make up.

At night while Scott is sleeping, Elena wakes up and goes spying on Scott’s belongings.  She sees some papers with Allie’s picture on it, confirming that Scott indeed knew about Allie before.

The next morning Elena finds Tory making breakfast.  Mathew then comes in, and Tory is upset that he has to go to work.  Matthew updates Elena on everything Jasper is to do on that day and leaves.  Elena tries to help Tory on making crepes, but Tory doesn’t let her.

Later, Elena and Jasper are out walking, and Jasper lets Elena know they used to have a  secret spot with his mom, Allie.  Elena tells Jasper that he is free to celebrate his mom’s birthday as he wishes. She also asks where Jasper hid the last time they played hide and seek but Jasper refuses to tell her. Elena decides to check for herself where Jasper hid.

In the hallway, she runs into Ginny and asks her for a favour, Ginny agrees to help but has a question. She asks Elena about Scott since she has seen Elena with him in two instances.  Elena tells her it’s complicated and is keeping it a secret. Elena says that she wants to focus on Jasper and doesn’t want to go into details about her relationship with Scott.

Later, Elena hears some noise while she is alone in her room.  She goes outside to see where the noise is coming from.  She finds a marble and a king card in the hallway. She discovers a door where she found the card.

She opens the door and finds a staircase that leads to another room, where she hears the sound of someone playing the piano.  Suddenly her phone rings and someone comes to open the door but doesn’t see her. Elena quickly leaves the room.

Elsewhere, Dick is talking on the phone when Tory interrupts him. She is looking for the bag she had repaired, it used to belong to Allie and she wants to use it. She asks Dick to help her look for it. She wants to wear it to the cemetery. She finally finds it and goes to check if Matthew is ready to leave. Matthew tells her that he has no intention of going or taking Jasper to the cemetery. Tory wants the family to find closure and she leaves angrily with Dick following behind her.

Matthew asks Elena if he is wrong to refuse to go. Elena tells him that there is no wrong way to grieve. She tells him that Tory doesn’t have bad intentions. She brings up her father’s death and Matthew is shocked to learn her dad died as well. She tells him that her dad killed himself too and her mom refused to help their grief process. She asks Matthew to reconsider Tory’s approach to grief as she is not okay.

In the meantime, Elena shows Roman a map and tells him of the secret staircase and room that she discovered. They deduce that Jocelyn might have used the secret passage to have a rendezvous with Alistair. They believe that Mrs Ivey might have been the one laying a piano in the room. She is the only tenant who doesn’t have a spare key at the front desk. Roman argues that it is like she lives in a fortress and Elena agrees. She thinks Mrs Ivey has something she is protecting in her apartment.

Outside the Greybourne building, Ginny finds Kim in the queue where she wants to get some cupcakes for Elena.  Ginny tells Kim that Elena has a secret boyfriend.  Ginny says that she is tired of getting close to people who are elusive. She tells Kim that Elena is nice but there is something off about her. Kim advises her to get close to people that value her because, according to her, Ginny wants everyone to love her.

Meanwhile, Elena is looking at the papers she took from Scott’s bag and discovers that Allie and Scott might have had an affair.  She receives a text from Ginny telling her she has her cupcakes, and Elena responds that she will get them downstairs. As she goes, she meets Elliot, and he’s pissed off with Elena because her supposed advice ruined things between her and Darcy.

Kim and Ginny are talking while eating cupcakes downstairs.  Ginny offers to read Kim’s book.  They start flirting, but Elena interrupts them as she picks up her cupcakes.

After listening to Elena’s advice, Matthew meets Tory at the park. Tory tells Matthew that the park was the same place Allie told her about her relationship with him. It was when she knew that her relationship with Mathew was truly over. Matthew reminds her that the reason they didn’t work out is that she was dating Otis. Tory answers that they all have their regrets. She also says she’s angry at Allie for leaving Jasper, Matthew and her.

On the other hand, Elena and Jasper decide to go to the aquarium. She gets a message notification from the tracker alerting her that Tory is also there. Matthew and Tory show up and they light a candle on a cupcake and sing a happy birthday song to Allie and Jasper makes a wish.  Elena watches from the side, happy Matthew listened to her.

Matthew, Tory, and Jasper go back to the apartment, where they find Dick in the elevator.  Dick and Tory come back to their apartment, and Dick tells her about his achievement.  Otis wants to meet with Dick to discuss him filling a seat on the Greybourne’s board, but Tory doesn’t seem too fond of the news.

Elena confronts Scott about his relationship with Allie. Scott tells her that Allie is his cousin, so he is a Greybourne too. He tells her that the Greybournes had not seen Scott’s Mom since she was a baby. A disagreement in the family led to his grandmother’s side of the family being removed from the family’s trust fund. Scott’s mom was bitter because she felt she was robbed. Scott is hoping to fix it, he told Allie and she wound up dead. He assures Elena that he genuinely loves her. He promises her that he has no more secrets.

Elena tells him about the room she had discovered that looked like a meeting place. She takes him there but they find that everything has been moved from there.  Elena is devastated.  They later find Elena’s pictures and her brother’s. Someone has been keeping a closer eye on Elena.

The Episode Review

We got a lot of truth bombshells in this episode. We learned that Tory used to have some kind of romantic relationship with Matthew, while Scott is a Greybourne. Otis is up to something and lastly, someone knows the truth about who Elena is.

The photos left behind in the room were a warning. A message that someone is on to her and knows her secrets.  I wonder who it is and why they have done nothing even after knowing Elena’s true identity.

I am also curious about what Elena has against the Greybournes. I think it has something to do with her dad’s death. She said that she is coming clean to Scott but will she tell him about Roman?  I also don’t believe that Scott is not hiding any more secrets.

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