The Watchful Eye – Season 1 Episode 7 “Out Like a Light” Recap & Review

Out Like a Light

Episode 7 of The Watchful Eye starts with Elena apologizing to Roman and asking if he is sure he checked Mrs Ivey’s apartment. Roman is still feeling angry about what happened with Bennet the previous night. He calls Elena a bad friend and tells her he is done helping her. He accuses her of only caring about her agenda and insists he checked everything at Mrs Ivey’s apartment and didn’t fund the rubi. Elena says she won’t ask him for anything and asks why he is still at the Greybourne.

Elena leaves to see Matthew and he invites her to dinner. Elena turns him down but he insists that he wants to thank her. It is Elena’s day off and she wants to pursue the truth about what happened to Dick. She asks Tory who lies that Dick is at a golf retreat. She proceeds to pick up her stuff at Scott’s house. She shares her theory with him that Otis has already killed Dick. Scott is having a hard time dealing with their break up and asks what he can do to salvage them but Elena explains he can’t do anything.

Elena returns to the Greybourne and suggests that they have dinner at the Greybourne social house. Matthew hesitantly agrees and they plan to meet at 8 pm.

Night rolls by and Tory plans a dinner to try and entice Bennet and  Darcy. Bennet doesn’t believe Dick is away at a golf retreat but she is more concerned about an upcoming trip to Chile with her friends. Tory is against her leaving for Chile but Bennet tells her that she is not in charge of her and storms out.

Meanwhile, Ginny gets ready for her get-together and Kim arrives first. She asks why Elena wasn’t invited and Ginny says she is done with Elena and is setting boundaries.  Kim says she is proud of her and they start drinking. Before the others get there, they flirt around and kiss.

At the front door, a tenant complains that the basement door was left open and scolds Roman. Roman claims it wasn’t him but apologize. He goes to the attic and confronts Elena about snooping in the basement. Elena tells him that she hasn’t been to the basement and asks him to calm down. Roman is suspicious that she is going out for dinner with Matthew and asks her if it is wise. Elena clarifies that she is tracking Tory and she will be there.  Before Elena can leave, the lights go off.

Elena and Roman run into Bennet who was eavesdropping and sarcastically confronts Elena about going out with her boss. Elena remains unbothered and asks Roman about the fire escape stairs. Bennet informs her that they are none and she remarks that that is illegal. Bennet tells her about another set of rusty stairs that don’t run all the way to the ground floor. They realize they are stuck in the attic and Kim asks why Roman left his station and he lies about bringing a package to Elena. Kim asks Ginny to light candles in her room and Bennet misses the point and offers to join.

For the better part of the night, they stay in Ginny’s room and Roman secretly suggests they use the hidden stairs but Elena is against it. She also notices that there is power in the nearby building and wonders who cut off the lights for the Greybourne and why. Someone suggests they play with the ouija board. Elena admits she is not comfortable with ghosts and refuses to play the game. At the same time, Elena and Ginny receive a message from an unknown number mocking them for being stuck in the attic.

Ginny excuses herself and Kim follows her out. Roman suggests that Elena uses the ouija board to contact Jocelyn. Jocelyn communicates with them and gives them a clue. Elena tries to decrypt the code and gets angry with Roman who is unable to do it as well.  Roman leaves to find Bennet, he apologizes and they make up.

In the meantime, Tory decides to take the dinner she prepared to Matthew and Jasper. Matthew welcomes her in and explains he had plans and Jasper is at a sleepover. Tory apologizes for imposing and Matthew says it is fine. They spend most of the night remembering the old good times and Matthew asks if she and Dick are okay. She admits that they are going through a rough patch.

Elsewhere in the building, Mrs Ivey, James and Alex find themselves stuck in the elevator.  James and Alex use the time to define their relationship. Mrs Ivey joins in on their conversations and they share the liquor that they(James &Alex) intended to give Ginny. Mrs Ivey shares enthralling stories of her youth and all the men whose hearts she broke.  From the conversation, Alex picks up that maybe Mrs Ivey and James know each other but ignore it. She also mentions sneaking into the masquerade party with Elena and Ginny and Mrs Ivey seems disturbed to learn about it.

Elena sees the message Alex shared, a picture she took with Mrs Ivey and James in the elevator. She decides to use the hidden stairs as she suspects they are not safe in the attic. She volunteers to show the group a way out and use the hidden stairs that connect to Mrs Ivey’s apartment. The rest of the group is surprised to learn of the secret passage and hurry out as they don’t want to mess with Mrs Ivey. Elena says she forgot something after hearing Jocelyn crying in the walls and goes back.

While in the passage, she figures out Jocelyn’s coded message and checks the sixth stair. There she finds some letters from Alistair to Jocelyn. The lights come back and someone locks Elena in the passage. Mrs Ivey returns home and ignores Elena’s plea for help.

The rest of the group agrees to head home and Ginny wishes Kim safe travels. Kim is set to visit Europe along with her boss. She invites Ginny to a date once she comes back and Ginny accepts the offer. Ginny goes back to the attic and opens the stair door for Elena. She asks about her relationship with Roman. Elena confesses that she brought Roman to the Greybourne to seek revenge for her father. Ginny tells her that she is already freaked out of her mind by the texts.

Elena goes to Matthew and finds Tory. Tory is surprised that Matthew and Elena were going out for dinner together. Matthew clarifies that he wanted to thank Elena and asks for a raincheck. Elena asks about Dick and she changes the topic and quickly leaves. Elena later goes downstairs to check on Roman and finds him being scolded by Cecil. She threatens to out his relationship with Candice and he drops the matter.

She makes up with Roman but he tells her he is done working with her. He also tells her that someone intentionally messed with the lights. She goes to her room and receives a call from Scott. He informs her that she was right, Dick is missing and Tory emptied their accounts. He hangs up after a knock on his door and is surprised to see Ginny.

Speaking of Tory, she runs into Otis in the elevator and asks where he is keeping her husband. Otis feigns innocence and insists Dick is at home safe and sound.  She heads home and sees Dick on the sofa, beaten to an inch of his life.

The episode ends with Elena finally having a chance to go through the bag she found underneath the stair and discovers a birth certificate for Ruby Greybourne.

The Episode Review

It is obvious that Otis had something to do with Dick ending up hurt. They probably killed the lights so that they can secretly bring him to his house. The main question is why did he turn on Dick and still left him alive? Otis has been known to be ruthless so he must still want something from either Tory or Dick.

Elena loves playing with fire and sooner or later she will get burned. She has now moved on to Matthew but I doubt this relationship will end well for either of them. I am also intrigued to find out who is Ruby Greybourne; hopefully we get some answers in the episodes ahead.

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