The Simpsons – Season 35 Episode 17 “The Tipping Point” Recap & Review

The Tipping Point

The Simpsons are off to the doctor’s office as episode 17 of The Simpsons season 35 starts. Lisa and Bart think they are going to have a great time even though Homer makes it clear it’s going to be boring. He pulls up at the doctor’s office, and the kids lose it. 

Afterwards, the family is seen at Springfield Pub and Brewery where they have some good food. Homer, who is tired of leaving tips, accidentally tips the waitress, Sandy, $10000 in a fit of rage.  Even though he doesn’t have the money, he doesn’t bother to try to fix the check. 

Soon, all the attention he gets from Springfield people about the hefty tip gets to his head, and he decides to start tipping like a king. He wipes all the family savings and puts the family in debt. The guy even tips Bart’s bike to someone. 

Marge confronts Homer for wasting money, and the latter promises he will never tip again. However, Homer soon learns that he can’t stop tipping no matter how hard he tries. He empties his wallet at Moe’s and even breaks into closed shops in order to tip.

Homer realizes that his addiction to tipping has destroyed his marriage and life. Homer goes over to Sandy’s to end the confusion, however, it doesn’t go as planned and he ends up in a cage on a ship adrift somewhere in Little Europe. Homer decides to live in Little Europe forever because there is no compulsion to tip. 

Kids follow Homer’s trail and urge him to come back. Homer agrees. Back home, Homer demands the authorities that pay for restaurant workers be raised so nobody has to rely on tips. Nobody listens to him, but Marge forgives him. On Marge’s advice, Homer becomes a waiter for this is the only way he can get rid of his tipping addiction. 

The Episode Review

Is The Simpsons back in full swing? Well, the episode in question hints at that. Captivating storyline, superb execution, and full of signature Simpson bits, the episode keeps you entertained from the first minute to the last. Homer steals the show while the rest of the family plays an awesome supporting role.

The narrative hilariously sheds light on the unexplored territory of tipping and insufficient wages in the food industry – which is great to see. All in all, it’s a must-watch episode. Let us know your thoughts on the episode in the comments below:

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