The Simpsons – Season 35 Episode 16 “The Tell-Tale Pants” Recap & Review

The Tell-Tale Pants

As episode 16 of The Simpsons season 35 starts, Homer is seen struggling to button up his shirt due to his growing size.

The Simpson family is off to attend an award show organized by Duff Beer. All kinds of weird awards are being given and Marge wins the award for Springfield’s most underrated person. As people are cheering for Marge, it turns out Marge is actually dreaming about the award thing. 

Later that day, Marge is trying to reach out to Homer, but he doesn’t respond as he’s been drinking with his friends. Homer arrives home at night wearing torn pants. He asks Marge to fix it. While Marge is sewing Homer’s pants, she watches an advertisement on television that suggests the real cost of the kind of pants Homer wears could be around $26,000. 

Marge has money on her mind. She meets Comic Book Guy’s brother Collectible-Pants Dude (CPD) who is interested in buying Homer’s pants, At first, he only offers $20. However, after a bit of negotiation, Marge walks home with $2595. 

At work, Homer saves Mr. Montgomery’s life and as a prize, the latter gives him two tickets to a baseball match. Marge is in a dilemma as she is unable to decide whether she should use the money on herself or her family. When she gets to know Homer is at a baseball match, she immediately heads off to a jewellery shop and buys herself a hefty, expensive ring. However, she is still unhappy because she can’t keep a secret about it and feels a bit guilty. 

At Moe’s, Homer is also upset because he thinks he doesn’t appreciate Marge enough. Back home, he finds out Marge’s ring, and he realizes she deserves it.  He puts the ring on her finger, and they both exchange a love-filled look.

The Episode Review 

Good story, and superb execution. The latest Simpson episode is sure to entertain you as it contains all that we love about the show. The storyline features a nice, sort of unrelated introduction, a song, and several good moments. Marge and Homer are delightful to watch, and the rest of the Simpson family make a wonderful cameo. What’s more, the story brings the nostalgic Simpson feel.

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  • (3.5)

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