The Simpsons Season 35 Episode 18 “Bart’s Brain” Recap & Review

Bart’s Brain

As episode 18 of The Simpsons season 35 starts, Homer and Marge are seen with Grampa at the retirement home. They shift Grampa to a cheaper room under the pretext of giving him the best. While helping Grampa move his stuff to the new room, Bart finds his war stuff. Granmpa gives all his war material to Bart who sells it all just for $100. He also buys a human brain in the same store. 

At school, Bart tries to show off the brain. However, he is called by Principal Skinner who, as a punishment, orders Bart to take care of the brain and bring it to school every day. He is also asked to maintain a journal about the brain as an assignment. Bart is genuinely worried. 

Fed up with the brain, Bart requests Homer to take care of it. Homer agrees. While playing with Milhouse, Bart realizes he can’t live without the brain. In short, he feels like a father.

Bart searches out the brain after Homer loses it. He promises to take care of it and even gives it a name, Buddy. Bart takes Buddy everywhere he goes, dresses him up, and even talks to him. Marge is worried the brain obsession might have a negative impact on Bart. 

At school, on the day the grades are revealed, the teacher asks Bart to turn in Buddy. An angry Bart runs out of the class with the brain. At the supermarket, Homer gets to know Bart has become infamous as brain-boy. He immediately runs to Marge and tells her everything. The family decides to lock Bart in, in a bid to treat his obsession with the brain, but it doesn’t go as planned. 

At the church, Bart interrupts the mass to confront his family for treating him differently due to his love for Buddy. However, while he is lecturing everyone about the importance of being one’s true self, a slip comes off the brain jar revealing the brain belonged to a man called Corbin Everly, a tax accountant who donated his body for the betterment of science. Bart immediately realizes Buddy is not at all like him. So, he hands the brain to Professor John I.Q. Nerdelbaum Frink Jr. with a sad but content heart.

The Episode Review

It’s one of the strangest episodes this season. The storyline doesn’t make much sense, however, that doesn’t mean it’s bland. In fact, it’s fun and fresh – just not as good as the previous episodes. Bart is incredible in this episode, being stubborn and inexplicably obsessed with a brain. The rest of the family doesn’t have much to do, but Homer’s cameo is noteworthy. What are your thoughts on the latest Simpson episode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below:

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