The Rookie – Season 5 Episode 4 “The Choice” Recap & Review

The Choice

Episode 4 of The Rookie Season 5 starts with Bailey’s fire station reporting on a call about a medical emergency. As it turns out the call was a trap by Rosalind. Bailey ends up trapped in a container and she calls Nolan to tell him about her current situation.

Nolan arrives on site and the police try to figure out a way to get Bailey out without setting off the booby traps in the entrapment. Nolan calls Bradford aside and they are joined by Harper and Lopez who will be taking point in the case. They figure that Rosalind had help making the trap and they will have to find her accomplice. In the meantime, saving Bailey is the top priority.

Lopez and Harper head back to the station to try and figure out who helped Rosalind while Nolan, Juarez, Bradford, and Lucy stay back to help Bailey. Lucy has been here before and knows how scary it can be to be alone in a death trap. I think that is why she insisted on staying back.

The more they try to get to Bailey, the more they set off the different booby traps in the entrapment. It is a trial and error process but what is certain is Bailey’s time is running out and they need to find a solution soon.

Nolan receives a call from Rosalind who tells him the only way to save Bailey is to offer himself up to her. She gives him five seconds to make a decision but we all know that was not a choice. Nolan would do everything in his power to save the woman he loves. He follows  Rosalind’s instructions and leaves the site.

I don’t understand why Rosalind would go through all this trouble, she had her freedom back. Don’t psychopaths take vacations? I am not the only one wondering the same because even Nolan asks. She responds that she missed him.

He drives to the location shared by Rosalind but he can’t ask for help because Rosalind is monitoring him in real time. His team realizes that Nolan is probably on his way to meet Rosalind but their efforts to track him are futile. Rosalind planned this attack carefully and left no chances for an escape.

In the meantime, Juarez, Bradford, and Lucy try to keep Bailey calm and distract her from the fact that Nolan is missing. Water is rising in the container trapping Bailey and she is practicing holding her breath to survive. They are running out of time and she will need all her survival skills to make it out of this one. She is smart and she knows something is wrong because Nolan is not by her side so Lucy is forced to tell her the truth.

Back at the police station, Harper and Lopez find a similar entrapment case and get a lead from the victim who managed to escape. Brendon and Laura from Rookie: Feds also find similar cases in their Federal Database but unfortunately the victims didn’t make it. Thorsen also comes through with a new lead on the purchases of material used to build the trap. The supplier also gave him an address where the materials were delivered to.

They head to the address and discover a new victim who died in a similar trap. The suspect, unfortunately, manages to escape after setting off an explosive. Thankfully, Harper saw the plans before everything went kaboom and knows how to save Bailey.

Once Nolan arrives at the destination, he finds Rosalind dressed to the nines with a gun in hand ready to welcome him. She is planning her last meal and Nolan is her guest. She wants Nolan to kill her in return for Bailey’s life. There is a slight moment when Nolan is tempted to put a bullet through her brain when he watches the real-time feed of Bailey drowning in the trap.

However, Nolan is a noble man and he refuses to kill her instead he arrests her and calls for backup. Just as they’re leaving the house, a mysterious person shoots and kills Rosalind.

The Episode Review

This episode delivered in terms of action, twists, and raising the stakes. I am glad Bailey survived but it must have been traumatizing. The whole event must have not been easy on Lucy who went through a similar ordeal courtesy of Rosalind.

Nolan was never going to give up his morals and kill Rosalind, and that is why she made a plan B. I am glad she didn’t succeed in breaking him and taking his nobility from him. He is a better man than most that’s for sure!

 I am looking forward to seeing how The Rookie: Feds will take the lead in finding out who killed Rosalind. The psychopath is dead but she trained another evil to take her place so I hope they will catch him soon and we can close the Rosalind chapter for good.

If you were in Nolan’s shoes, what choice would you have made?

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