The Rookie – Season 5 Episode 3 “Dye Hard” Recap & Review

Dye Hard

Episode 3 of The Rookie Season 5 picks up a month later. Harper has decided to be a detective and is back on the job. Lopez asks her to help in a missing person case and she is happy to look into it. We also learn that Lucy decided to go to Undercover Academy. She gets home from school and Tamara and Chris are throwing her a little intimate welcome-home party.

Tamara leaves for school and Chris shares that an online group known as “Dye Hards” have contacted him to help them track down Rosalind. He wants Lucy to take a look at the evidence the group has collected. Lucy is initially hesitant but agrees to check the evidence.

Meanwhile, Nolan is reporting for his first day as a training officer and he feels great and anxious about it. He will be training Officer Celina Juarez, and he and Lucy welcome her with open arms. They head out for their first round and Juarez breaks protocol because she senses a dark aura from a car.

This annoys Nolan but he calms down once they spot blood on the trunk. Bradford is also angry with Juarez because she did an illegal stop and whatever evidence they collect from the car won’t be admissible in court. Sergeant Wade also rips a new one on Nolan because he is Juarez’s supervisor and should have known better.

With Lucy back from the Undercover Academy, it seems like she is avoiding Bradford. Seriously, how long will we have to wait for ChenFord to get it together? Lucy is also worried about Chris and his involvement in the online community hunting Rosalind. She calls Wes and asks him to check in on Chris for her. Wes talks to him and offers to help because he understands how Chris feels. He was there when he was stabbed while working on a case.

As Lucy is doing her rounds on the streets, she spots a homeless guy entering an abandoned building and decides to go in and check for squatters. She discovers a bundle of stolen clutches and before she calls it in, she gets locked into a room in the building and her radio stops working.

In the meantime, as she waits for her team to realize she is missing, she starts reading the information the Dye Hards have collected on Rosalind. She discovers new evidence, I hope they will catch her. Bradford realizes that he has not heard Chen on the radio for about two hours. He asks dispatch to perform a security check on Chen and share her last known address.

He and Thorsen find her and rescue her and she shares the information she found on Rosalind. She thinks she is part of the online group Dye Hards. Lucy involves the FBI and Agent Garza and Laura from Rookie Feds believe she is right about Rosalind. They try to track her down using the IP address she used to log into the group.

Thorsen confides in Bradford that he is being blackmailed after he sent a thirst-trap photo to some girl on a dating app. He was cat-fished and the person photo-shopped the picture to make it a bit racy. He and Bradford visit the perp and find out it is a teenage boy who has no idea what he is doing so they let him off with a stern warning. The teenager ignores their warning so they come back with an offer to work for the police or do jail time.

Nolan’s day doesn’t look like it will turn around once Harper is informed that the blood found on the car is from the missing person case she is working on. The blood evidence collected from the car can’t be used in court so they need to find another way to get an arrest. Harper and Lopez rope in Nolan and Juarez to run foot surveillance. Unfortunately, Nolan and his rookie lose the suspect during a chase.

The next morning, Juarez redeems herself after she had a dream and got a hunch on the case. She and Nolan decide to pursue her hunch and they find the victim alive. Juarez finds herself in a life-or-death position after chasing the suspect through the woods. Luckily, she is saved by Nolan and the suspect is arrested.

Chen is invited by the FBI to help them after they get a hit on the IP address used by Rosalind. They head to Seattle and find two more victims and a message Rosalind left behind wishing them the best of luck next time.

The Episode Review

Nolan thinks he is in over his head when it comes to training but I think he is doing a good job. He is going to get the hang of it soon. I am looking forward to seeing the full-time rookie he will be training.

Rosalind is playing a game with the police and is sickening to watch as the number of innocent victims continues to rise. I can’t wait for them to be able to apprehend her, we are in for an intense treat next week as the case heats up!

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  1. Hi Tirza . Thank you for reading the review. The guy was not dead,he had just passed out from pain on the accident site.

  2. What a rip off season 5 of the Rookie is. Total reruns and they brought back a dead guy. I give up watching what a disappointment.

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