The Resident – Season 6 Episode 11 “All In” Recap & Review

All In

Episode 11 of The Resident season 6 starts with Padma contemplating suicide on a bridge. She gets a message from Leela asking her to call her back because she is sure something is wrong. Padma decides to head over to Leela’s place and confide in her how she feels.

Leela takes her to the hospital to get the helps she needs. Leela worries how she didn’t see that her sister was undergoing Postnatal post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  Pravesh tells her to inform AJ that Padma is sick but she chooses to wait until he is done with his important surgery.

She later talks to him and explains Padma’s situation to him. AJ feels sorry that he also missed the signs and wonders if Padma is a danger to the twins. Leela convinces him that Padma loves those babies so much but she is okay. She asks him not to abandon Padma and AJ assures her that he would never do such a thing.

Elsewhere, Cade visits Conrad at his home and is shocked to see the bruises he suffered when saving Billie from her attackers. She tells him that she was not at a vineyard with friends as she had told him earlier. She opens up about her dad going to rehab and is glad that Conrad is not angry with her for lying.

Conrad shares news of his own, he tells her about his kiss with Billie and the fact he has not been honest with himself or her. Cade is angry and leaves saying there is nothing to talk about. Conrad says he tried to make the relationship work and his choice of words hurts Cade more.

At the hospital, a patient checks himself in while suffering a heart attack. He is a renowned cardiothoracic surgeon, Perry and he specifically asks for Yamada. AJ joins Yamada and starts their treatment on Perry. Perry begins having an aortic dissection. He opts to push ahead with a difficult surgery.

He makes it off the surgery table but sadly develops another aortic dissection. This time they can’t rush him to the OR for another surgery. Perry’s body is too weak to undergo another surgery. He has no family or next of kin so Yamada and AJ stay with him until his last breath. Yamada is deeply affected by the loss, he had a lot of respect for Perry who trained him.

Billie comforts him and they choose to break up. He tells her that he always knew that she and Conrad had a lot of history. He tells her that he is okay and wishes her well. At the end of the day, Cade invites him to drinks as they bond over being dumped.

On the other hand, Kit is saddened that due to financial trouble, they will be forced to close the ER to Trauma at midnight. They are completely at the mercy of the governor who is refusing to budge. Kit asks Cade to take a look at the current ICU patients and move those who are stable.

Cade agrees to help and finds one patient who was treated by Billie. She decides to ask Conrad to talk to Billie about moving the patient to another facility. Conrad agrees but he realizes Billie might still be shaken up about her recent experience. He offers to speak to the patient’s family on Billie’s behalf and she is grateful he stepped up for her.

Cade was hoping to avoid Billie but Billie directly asks to speak to her. She tells Cade to feel free to hate her but she shouldn’t keep her anger inside. She sincerely apologises and Cade tells her she is fine. She knows she deserves a man who loves her and as much as she hates it, she still likes Billie. She tells Billie that she will be fine as she and Conrad never said “ I love you,” to one another.

Pravesh gets a new patient, an old lady who got hurt when fighting off a burglar. He consults Conrad on whether they should perform brain surgery on the lady. She is displaying signs of Alzheimer’s but Pravesh thinks that she is disoriented because of a bleed in her brain.  They settle on doing the surgery and hoping for the best. Pravesh convinces Kit and Billie to do the surgery and the woman regains her memory.

Kit wonders why the woman fought so hard to fight a burglar trying to steal her purse. She tells Kit it is about the principle, of never letting people steal what is yours when you are in the right. This inspires Kit not to give up on the ER and she decides to fight. She buys food for the ER staff and announces that they won’t be closing their doors to trauma.

At the end of the day, Conrad and Billie leave the hospital together, holding hands in the elevator.

The Episode Review

Though it is sad to see Cade and Conrad breaking up, I am happy for him and Billie. It has been a long time coming and we have been waiting for this moment with bated breaths.

Billie breaking up with Yamada didn’t feel as sad, we have barely seen them together. However, it’s good that Padma is getting the help she needs and support from everyone close to her. I hope she pulls through and sees the light at the end of the tunnel.

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