The Resident – Season 6 Episode 10 “Family Day” Recap & Review

Family Day

The Resident season 6 episode 10 starts with Conrad calling Cade to ask how her girl’s trip is going. He is under the impression that she is getting some well-deserved rest and pampering but she is really at her Dad’s rehabilitation centre for family day.

Padma is also lying to AJ about why she never returned home after her self-care day. AJ  believes she is having car trouble and will be home by evening but Leela is scared that something is terribly wrong. Padma is not picking up her phone calls and this only adds to her worries. She tries to tell AJ about her tingling intuition but he thinks Padma is just taking one more day to herself. She shares her worries with Pravesh but he thinks she is overreacting and assures her that Padma is just bonding with nature, getting to her old self. They couldn’t be more wrong!

A new patient is dropped off by EMTs at the hospital and it turns out to be Kyle ( Nic’s dad). He doesn’t want Conrad to treat him, he is still angry about how things went down with Nic. He blames Conrad for her death and thinks he didn’t do everything he can to save her. Billie, of course, is there to comfort him and tell him he is not at fault.

Pravesh is the one treating Kyle and he thinks it would be helpful if Kyle sees Gigi. Gigi, cute as ever, is happy to meet and see her grandpa and is sure her daddy will fix him up.  Pravesh calls for the help of AJ to figure out why Kyle is having trouble breathing but Yamada inserts himself in the case. AJ and Pravesh are not impressed but Yamada is in it to stay. As AJ and Yamada mark their turf, Conrad worries about the real reason causing Kyle’s symptoms.

After a few tests and a lot of consultations between the four doctors, Pravesh and Conrad figure out his underlying sickness and start treatment. Gigi bonds with her grandpa and she is quite insightful for her young age. She tells him that Conrad misses  Nic every day and he did his best to save her. This opens Kyle’s mind and he makes the first step to making amends with Conrad.

Over at the rehabilitation centre, Cade realizes that her dad is just using his charms to act like he is getting better. He is simply saying and doing the right things and she is tired of always protecting him. She tells him during the family therapy session that she is done and he is on his own, she has suffered enough throughout his battle with addiction. Sullivan begs her to give him another chance and promises he will work to make amends for all the pain he has cost her.

Billie’s patient, a mom with two sons, receives bad news that her cancer is back. Billie tells her and her sons that the brain tumour is in a dangerous place and advises them against surgery. The mom and sons insist on the surgery and against her medical opinion, Billie decides to do it. The mom makes it off the surgery table but she dies a few hours later after developing some complications. Billie asks Leela to wait for her to come out of emergency surgery to break the news to the sons.

Unfortunately, the sons come back to the hospital room and find their mom gone. Leela is left with no option but to break the news to them herself. The two sons go on a rampage and attack Billie while she is in the OR. They leave and come back later and attack her on the hospital stairs. Conrad rushes in to save her before they kill her, he is just the superhero every girl needs!

After giving a statement on the attack, Billie asks Conrad to drive her home. Yamada had offered to do it but Conrad insists Billie asked him. AJ pulls Yamada aside and apologizes for the way he has been acting. He gives him a piece of advice in good faith that Conrad and Billie love each other and have a history between them. He tells him that whether Conrad or Billie admits their feelings or not, those feelings will always be there. Conrad drives Billie home and she tells him that Nic would be proud of him and thanks him for saving her life. Conrad tells her that he wants her to be proud of him and they have their first kiss.

The episode ends with Leela texting Padma a cute photo from their childhood, telling her she knows something is wrong. Indeed, something is definitely not right because at that same moment Padma is contemplating committing suicide by jumping off a bridge.

The Episode Review

This episode was quite emotional in subtle ways. Conrad and Kyle making peace and being brought together by Gigi was a sweet moment. It speaks to how much they both loved Nic and makes us understand just how pure Conrad’s feelings for her were. He forgave Kyle and went on to understand him when he didn’t have to.

I think seeing Billie in danger and realizing he can actually lose her for good might have triggered something in Conrad. He is ready, to be honest with himself and with Billie but is he ready, to be honest with Cade?

Padma is in a dark place, she is literally on the cliff and dangling precariously between choosing life and death. Her postpartum depression has been dragging her into the dark for so long. Sadly, this is the reality for many but I hope anyone in this situation chooses life. Mental health and suicide prevention are important and we were reminded once again in this episode.

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  1. Thanks for the update. Sometimes the actors speak so low I miss what they are saying. I have watched every episode since the beginning and I have to keep turning up the volume.

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