The Resident – Season 6 Episode 12 “All The Wiser” Recap & Review

All The Wiser

Episode 12 of The Resident season 6 starts with Conrad and Billie waking up in each other arms and they both feel that their relationship feels right. Meanwhile, Cade and Yamada spent the night together and are still at it in the morning.

On the other hand, Randolph is back from his clinic and Kit is updating him on the state of the hospital. He assures her that the hospital will find a way to survive. His stay at the clinic has not been as helpful as he is hoping and he is not ready to get back to surgeries.

Kit gets a message from Irving asking her to turn on the TV. There has been a helicopter crash around Chastain and there is a rumour that one of the passengers is Governor  Betz. Randolph points out that Betz is most likely going to be rushed to Chastain.

At the hospital, Pravesh is already working on the crash accident. Yamada and Cade arrive together but no one has time to discuss or tease them. All hands are on deck after the crash, Conrad arrives and waits for the Governor’s ambulance to arrive. As soon as he arrives, the media swarm the hospital.

Betz wants to be taken to another hospital for treatment but Chastain is his best option at the moment. Kit assures him that the bad blood between them will not affect their professionalism and they will move him to another hospital once he is stable. Pravesh and Conrad do their best to keep him calm and start running tests on him.

At the moment, due to Betz’s budget cuts, CT is backed up and Betz thinks that they are trying to get back at him. In the middle of his tantrum, he gets a heart attack. AJ and Yamada perform heart surgery on him and Conrad is frustrated that Betz refused to give them full access to his medical history. They discover that Betz has had heart surgery before.  They struggle to keep him alive but it is clear that his heart was in bad shape even prior to the accident.

Kit and Randolph worry that his media spokesman is lying to the press about his condition. Randolph is concerned that Betz’s team can make it look like they withheld appropriate care and Kit insists they need to get him transferred as soon as they can.

Betz wakes up from his surgery and Aj and Conrad update him on his condition. His heart is in bad shape and his only option is a heart transplant. They will put him in UNOS but he is not sick enough to be pushed to the top of the list. Getting a new heart might take months. The Governor demands to be moved to the top of the list.

Betz’s wish to be transferred is declined as all the hospitals are full. Betz offers to restore Chastain’s funding in return for AJ moving him to the top of the UNOS list. AJ  entertains the risky idea of making the Governor’s condition intentionally worse. Conrad asks him if Betz is worth risking his compromise for. AJ thinks that it is worth the risk for the greater good but Conrad doesn’t trust Betz to keep his word. In the end, they decide to take the risk.

They perform unnecessary heart surgery on Betz and he is moved to the top of the UNOS list. Kit demands an apology and points out that there is a possibility that Thea might end up giving Betz her heart. She asks them to make sure Thea stays alive. At the end of the night, Kit gets an alert that there might be a possible heart donor after a motorbike accident.

Cade takes over the treatment for the pilot, Thea. She has sustained injuries and they are running tests when she loses consciousness. Her parents are worried and angered about how the Governor treats their kid. Yamada updates AJ on her condition as they suspect something is wrong with her heart. AJ asks if he is okay following his break-up with Billie and Yamada says it is all good.

Billie is called in to check if Thea has a possible brain injury and she and Cade are forced to work together on the case. Luckily, it seems like there are no ill feelings between them. Based on her brain injuries, the surgery is a hail mary and her condition deteriorates on the surgery table.

Billie updates her family that Thea’s condition is serious and that there is a high probability of her dying. Her family refuses to give up hope and Billie promises to do her best to save Thea. She asks for Conrad’s help to keep Thea stable.  Luckily, Conrad is able to figure out the problem and Thea gains consciousness.

Elsewhere, Leela visits Padma who is at a recovery centre. Padma misses the kids and knits the twins’ cute little hats. She worries that AJ regrets having kids with her but Leela tells her that AJ is okay.  Pravesh asks Leela about Padma and reminds her to take it one day at a time. Pravesh is worried that Randolph’s condition is getting worse.

Padma asks him to reconsider helping Marco(the rich patient who thinks he is immortal) and get funds for his MS research. Pravesh sets a meeting with Marco and offers to help him with his immortality journey if he can fund the second phase of his MS research. He feels like a con man but Padma reminds him that he didn’t make promises he can’t deliver. He adds Randolph to his MS research and Kit hopes they might get a breakthrough.

Sullivan returns from rehab but everyone thinks he was on a hiking adventure. Cade talks to him about his plans. Sullivan is scared, to tell the truth to Kit but Cade assures him that she will understand. He promises Cade that he will tell Kit the truth. He doesn’t go into heavy details with Kit but he thanks her for the time they have worked together and resigns. Cade understands why he couldn’t tell Kit and tells him that she is still proud of him.

At the end of the day, Conrad and Billie pick up Gigi who is excited about her upcoming birthday. She is eager to see Sammy who is flying in for the party with her dads. Unfortunately, she gets stomach pains while on the plane.

The Episode Review

I am extremely disappointed by what AJ and Conrad did. It was unethical and Betz is not worth the risk. I know they think they are doing it for the greater good but does the end justify the means?

Betz demanding special treatment and holding the hospital funds hostage to get his way is alarming. As a Governor, it is his job to ensure that healthcare for his citizens is a priority. He is only budging now because his life is on the line. What a pathetic leader!

Sullivan is back from rehab but there is no accountability for the harm he did. He operated on his patients when high on drugs and they may have survived but it was not right. There should have been more accountability and then we could have agreed that he is a changed man. He is still self-obsessed, only worried about his career.

As for Pravesh entertaining Marco’s immortality research, it is understandable where he is coming from . As long as he delivers on his work, it shouldn’t be a problem.

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