The Passage Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review



The Final Battle

Split across two parts, The Passage’s finale uses its penultimate episode to move all its pieces and set everything up for a dramatic finish to follow. Full of action and dramatic tension, its all been building up to this moment and The Passage certainly doesn’t disappoint here.

With the blackout in full effect and everything on lock-down, Dr Sykes sits tight in her lab, holding the antivirus to the vampiric disease in her grasp. After a brief flashback to Bolivia in 2015, The Passage gets into the full swing of its drama.

To get power back on, Richards and the others realize they have to reboot the systems in the hope to power everything back up again. As the virals continue to hammer on the doors, the group begrudgingly agree to put this plan into effect. Like clockwork, the virals suddenly disappear and after a few brief moments of tension, it turns out they’ve gone into the air-ducts and inevitably chaos ensues.

After a brief skirmish, Nicole tries to overwrite the lock-down through radio communication with Richards. As she looks to have clipped the right wire, Babcock bursts into the room and, after a bloodcurdling scream, invades her mind. After a brief intermission of peace where they talk about the past, Brad intervenes and shoots Babcock, snapping us back to reality.

Meanwhile, Fanning taunts Amy repeatedly, trying to get her on-board with the “hive mind” before Anthony visits her separately, pleading with her to stop the horror Fanning has planned. After making her mind up, she initiates the protocol to blow the facility up. As the countdown begins, Sykes gives Brad the antivirus and sacrifices herself to the virals so he has enough time to escape.

As the bomb explodes and engulfs the facility in flames, the ensuing battle spills outside to the surrounding facility grounds. As the remaining survivors scavenge what little resources they have left, Richards gets hit and finds himself at Babcock’s mercy. The episode ends with one final moment between the dysfunctional couple before a closing monologue from Amy, building anticipation for the final episode to come.

As a penultimate episode, The Passage does a great job rewarding fans who have stuck by this show over the last 9 weeks. The action is intense; sprayed with bullets and blood while sirens wail and electrics sputter and crackle. The episode leaves things wide open for the finale where things looks set for an explosive finish to this highly enjoyable drama.


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