The Passage Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review


The End Is Near

As The Passage reaches its conclusive end to the first season, question marks still remain around the direction this show is likely to take and whether it’ll return for a second season. With an episode acting as the penultimate push before all hell breaks loose, The Passage looks set for a frantic and chaotic ending after an impressive episode of characterisation and plot development.

With Amy unconscious and Fanning stuck in her head, Gilder decides to take control and “reboots” Project Noah, relieving everyone of their duties. The ex-employees let their hair down and begin partying the night away, acting oblivious to the dangerous creatures lurking in the basement. As Richards reminisces through flashbacks about his time with Babcock, Amy works through a mental battle of her own.

Fanning tries to get close to Amy and in the process, tells her bad things are going to happen. After a brief intermission that sees Anthony told to stay in line and that “12” are required to turn,  (A prophecy perhaps?) we return to Fanning spinning his intricate web of deceit around Amy. As his influence grows and Amy becomes more enamored in the hallucinations, outside the dream world things are less than peachy.

Still under the influence of Fanning, Gray destroys the communications in the basement before eventually being stopped by Gilder and the others. Despite being tied to a chair and restrained, he manages to break free thanks to cutting his wrists to shreds and goes about completing Fanning’s mission. This results in the doors in the basement opening and unleashing hell into the world.

The episode itself ends with a locked door; the only thing standing between Amy and Brad and the virals. One final shot zooms in on Amy to reveal her glowing, yellow eyes and the influence of the virus taking control.

This leaves the door wide open for next week’s episode and based on what we’ve seen here, I would guess that Amy has learnt to control her abilities and plans to use them for the good of the people. The final segment involving a tunnel proves as much I think and seeing as she doesn’t have menacing veins across her face, I think it’s fair to say this might be a telltale sign.

Still, there’s enough to chew over here and get excited about for next week. The Passage has been consistently entertaining throughout its run on TV and despite a slightly rocky start, has really picked up steam now and looks set to deliver a breathtaking finale. Just quite what this drama holds in store for us is anyone’s guess but it looks set to kick off in a big way from here on out.


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