The New Look- Episode 7 “It All Came True” Recap & Review

It All Came True

Episode 7 of The New Look begins with Coco telling Elsa that she was with Pierre Wertheimer last night and believes her problems will be over soon. The scene shifts, and we see Lucian Lelong talking about Christian’s lovely winter collection. Christian arrives at his work and hesitantly informs Lelong that he is planning on starting his new house. 

Christian gives his thanks to Lucian but tells him that he has made up his mind and cannot pass up on the opportunity. Lelong asks the name of Christian’s sponsor, and is shocked to learn that Christian is leaving him for Boussac. This angers Lelong, and he storms out of the room. 

As the episode progresses, Coco decides to sneak into Paris after Henry tells her that he cannot send the perfume samples because, in the event they’re damaged, they’ll lose the formula forever. Coco plans to sell those perfumes, so the Wertheimers pay her, fearing competition.  

As the episode progresses, Boussac and George show Christian the venue they’ve selected. Christian, however, isn’t too delighted as he wants House of Dior to be personal, not elegant and grand. Boussac reminds Christian that he has given her 6 million francs, and it is about time Christian starts trusting him. Christian fears that Boussac’s grand plan will smother his vision. 

Meanwhile, Elsa meets with Pierre and tells him that Coco is planning to go to Paris. She somehow manages to convince Pierre to allow them to travel with her. Elsa believes that the police will not dare to stop them if they’re traveling with Pierre.

Lelong is happy for Christian and believes Boussac will crush Christian’s will and exploit him for profit. Lelong isn’t wrong; he doesn’t care about the design or Christian’s vision; he just wants to double or quadruple his investment. Remember, Boussac is a cotton king, not a designer. When he conveys the same to Madam Zehnacker, she tells Christian to fight for it. Zehnacker also meets with Boussac, asking him to honour the Christian vision. 

Coco arrives in Paris without getting caught. When Paul Wertheimer learns about it, he lashes out at his brother for helping Coco, saying it will come back to bite them in the rear. Paul reminds Pierre how Coco tried to ruin them during the war with the help of her Nazi pals. Coco eventually reveals to Pierre that she’ll run them out of business by selling her No. one perfume. 

As the episode nears its end, Coco takes a train back to Switzerland with Elsa. As for Christian, Zehnacker meets him and informs him that Boussac has agreed to honour all his demands on the condition that Christian will run the business with Zehnacker. Christian agrees as he knows how much of an honour it’ll be to run a house with Miss Zehnacker.

The Episode Review 

In episode 7, tensions rise as Coco plans to sell her perfume samples to rival the Wertheimers. Christian decides to start his own house, causing a rift with Lucian Lelong, who fears Boussac will exploit Christian for profit.

Despite initial doubts, Christian agrees to Boussac’s terms to run his business with Miss Zehnacker. Meanwhile, Elsa convinces Pierre to let them travel to Paris, leading to a confrontation between Coco and the Wertheimers.

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