The New Look – Episode 8 “I Love You Most of All” Recap & Review

I Love You Most of All

In episode 8, Miss Zehnaker is all fired up to impress Carmel Snow with Christian’s work. Zehnaker thinks it’s time to get some press attention for Christian’s house, but Christian isn’t so sure. Zehnacker disagrees, saying it’s crucial for Christian’s brand in the postwar couture scene. So, Christian ramps up the hunt for the perfect model.

They meet tons of models, but Christian keeps saying no, much to Zehnacker’s frustration. He argues that these models are already taken and he’s not about to poach from his designer friends. Zehnacker thinks Christian’s being too nice but warns that his competitors won’t be.

The scene changes, and we find Coco sharing her past and future plans with Carmel. Carmel, impressed, invites Coco to Paris, promising a warm welcome. She believes Paris needs Coco Chanel. Coco conveys the same news to Elsa Lombardi, letting her know she’ll be heading to Paris soon. Next, Carmel meets with Christobal Balenciaga, hoping to feature him in a story and bring his talents to America. However, Christobal politely declines, stating he’s not interested in fame or media attention. Carmel also inquires about Dior, but Christobal hints that Dior won’t agree as well.

Christian spots Marie in the crowd, a woman who appears innocent but catches his eye as a potential model for his dresses. Despite Marie’s nerves about not being a professional model, Christian reassures her, explaining that her natural humility is what makes her the perfect fit.

Meanwhile, Coco meets with Spatz, who is living under a new identity and urgently needs money. Spatz asks for Coco’s help, and she agrees on one condition: Spatz must ask his contact to investigate whether there are any documents linking Coco to the alias Agent Westminster, which she used while working with Schellenberg.

That same day, Spatz suggests to Coco that she should cut ties with Elsa, hinting that Elsa might be an MI6 spy. However, Coco dismisses this advice, saying that she trusts Elsa completely. Later, Coco confronts herself, questioning why she chose to collaborate with the Nazis despite warnings from her friends. 

The next morning, Coco receives a phone call from Carmel, who regretfully informs her that she cannot write an article about Coco’s return to Paris. The reason is that the evidence linking Coco to Nazi collaboration is too strong, and Carmel cannot justify supporting her. However, Carmel promises to visit Coco in Switzerland the following week before hanging up.

Following his father’s strict orders, Christian visits his brother Bernard in the asylum. They sit together in the garden, reminiscing about their past. Christian mentions their father’s wish for them to visit him, but Bernard refuses. Meanwhile, Spatz meets with a contact who informs him about potential documents linking Coco to Schellenberg.

Carmel arrives in Switzerland and, once again, voices her incapacity to feature Coco in her magazine due to the overwhelming evidence of her collaboration with the Nazis. However, Carmel does offer to help Coco by promoting her perfume to her influential friends. Carmel suggests that if Coco delivers the perfumes to her hotel, she’ll ensure they reach the right people.

As the episode comes to a close, Christian receives the heartbreaking news of his father’s passing. He is overcome with pain, recalling their last conversation where he had refused to visit his father, saying he was too busy. In a moment of grief and reflection, Christian tears up all his finalized sketches. However, from this deep well of emotion, he finds inspiration and channels his pain into creating the sketch for his definitive piece.

The Episode Review

Christian faced numerous challenges and tragedies in his life. First, his sister was sent to a concentration camp, greatly affecting his mental health and work. Then, his father passed away just before he was set to open his own couture house.

Despite these hardships, Christian always channelled his emotions—whether pain, suffering, or happiness—into his work. This personal touch made his designs more intimate and unique compared to those of other designers.

Looking ahead, Coco’s troubles are likely to increase, as there are still documents linking her to collaboration with the Nazis. The question remains: will she return to Paris or confront the consequences head-on?

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