The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Masterful Cat Can DIY

In episode 7 of The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today, when Saku’s coworkers see her bento box, they assume she made it and praise her for it. They then go on to talk about her wedding plans. However, Saku grows concerned that Yukichi will desert her if she marries a wealthy man.

When she gets home, Saku talks to Yukichi about how he might leave her if a wealthy person comes along. Following this, she is displeased by his enthusiastic thumbs-up. As a consequence, Saku is determined to succeed so she can become wealthy. She makes the decision to study all night to finish a certification course. However, Yukichi puts her to sleep, and she nods off shortly after.

After enjoying a horror film concerning a samurai ghost, Saku seems terrified. In the bathroom, she thinks she is looking at a monstrous creature. Yukichi is merely attempting to weigh her, though. She discovers Yukichi drinking straight from the tap like a kitten later that evening. She regrets making him uncomfortable. She admits to him that she is no longer afraid of the ghost in an effort to make things right.

The following morning, Saku rushes to get to work and spills tea all over the cupboard and the wallpaper. She repeatedly apologizes to Yukichi, who laughs. We learn that he has previously baby-proofed the home, so he fixes the cupboard and adds an additional layer of wallpaper.

When Saku arrives home later that day, she is amazed by Yukichi’s abilities. He is content with the secure and welcoming environment he has created in the house. The following day, she claims she doesn’t want to report to work and he is concerned about this. He does not wish for Saku to lose her job, but he also does not want her to feel unhappy.

The Episode Review

The episode is pleasant, lighthearted, and humorous with a dash of emotion thrown in for good measure. Saku’s dependability on Yukichi is clearly demonstrated in this week’s episode. Given that he is her pet, it should be the other way around, which makes it quite bizarre and humorous.

The bond between Saku and Yukichi becomes apparent as the show progresses. Despite his tough exterior, he is clearly very concerned about her. He feels compelled to resist her childish tantrums, though, which is perfectly understandable.

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