The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

A Masterful Cat Also Goes to Birthday Parties

Episode 5 of The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today begins with Saku returning home after petting a cat. As a consequence, Yukichi loses patience with her. She then struggles to get out of bed and get ready for work the following morning. Yukichi, as usual, forces her to go to work.

At work, the chief approaches Saku and hands her an invitation to Yume’s birthday party. He informs her that Yume has also invited Yukichi while handing her another invitation card. This scares Saku because she is unsure how to get Yukichi to the party. However, the Chief tells her that he won’t be present at the party as he has work-related commitments.

When Saku gets home, she tells Yukichi about Yume inviting them. After learning it is a costume party, Yukichi begins to sew costumes for both of them. Yume is overjoyed to see Saku and Yukichi when they arrive at the party. The guests, on the other hand, are confused. Yukichi ends up putting a zip on himself, giving the impression that his existence as a cat is a costume. This ends up saving the day.

Yume soon introduces Yukichi to her grandmother. The grandmother tells Saku that having a big black cat brings good fortune. Later, Saku and Yukichi leave the party to return home. On their way, they pass the bench where Saku discovered and took Yukichi. This brings back memories from the past.

The episode then shifts to Saku’s Chief. He’s on the plane, looking at photos of Yume’s party, which include Saku and Yukichi. He thinks to himself that he’s lucky he didn’t have to be there. He then notices Yukichi and thinks he’s strange.

Saku goes drinking the next day. Soon after, she calls Yukichi and informs him that she is resting in the park. Yukichi rushes to the park and carries her home. Yukichi decides to go to the train station at night whenever Saku goes drinking again, and the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

The episode is centred around Yume’s birthday party and reveals the Chief’s thoughts on Yukichi, whom he regards as a human friend of Saku’s. It also suggests that the Chief is jealous of Yukichi because he has feelings for Saku. The episode is charming, touching, and humorous. Yukichi’s friendship with Saku is both endearing and hilarious.

It’s amusing how he plays a human role in contrast to Saku, who is more dependent and pet-like in that regard. Furthermore, the scenes in which Yukichi is upset, angry, or frustrated with Saku are extremely entertaining. More so because he believes he isn’t emotionally attached to Saku. Her actions, on the other hand, say otherwise, giving the whole dynamic a very sweet touch.

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