The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

The Masterful Cat Goes To The Aquarium

Episode 4 of The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today begins with Saku oversleeping. Yukichi then wakes her up and reminds her of her plans to visit the aquarium with the Chief. She panics and attempts to get ready. She can’t find any casual clothes because she only has office wear. When she discovers an old dress, she realizes it does not fit her. Yukichi, on the other hand, assists her by altering the dress in an elegant manner.

When Saku arrives at the venue, she discovers the Chief with his niece Yume. The chief explains that his mother usually takes care of her, but because she is occupied that day, he is in charge. Shortly after, Yume spots Yukichi in the aquarium. Fortunately, the Chief is on a call and does not notice him. Saku is concerned about Yukichi’s presence at the museum because the big cat attracts a lot of attention.

Yukichi, on the other hand, manages to hide when the Chief returns shortly after cutting the call. Saku notices him yet again at the concert and grows concerned. However, the day passes without the Chief learning about Yukichi. Saku returns home to find Yukichi asleep. Initially, she is concerned about his health.

Saku relaxes after realizing Yukichi is simply exhausted by overexerting himself. Saku then gently pats Yukichi while he sleeps. The next morning, Yukichi finds Saku asleep. She’s also surrounded by the mess she made the night before. Later that day, Saku discovers that Yukichi makes stylish mittens for himself and his abilities astound Saku. She then suggests that Yukichi open a clothing store for big cats like himself.

The Episode Review

The episode revolves around Saku’s visit to the museum with her superior. Yume, the Chief’s niece who joins them, is seen smitten with Yukichi. The episode is lighthearted and enjoyable, with touching moments sprinkled throughout. Additionally, the episode’s fuzzy and warm tone is extremely soothing.

Yume, a new character, is introduced in this episode. The character is full of life; she is inquisitive and fascinating. It’ll be intriguing if we get to see more of this character in the upcoming episodes.

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