The Lincoln Lawyer – Season 1 Episode 6 “Bent” Recap & Review


Episode 6 of The Lincoln Lawyer begins with a flashback of Mickey being given some sound advice by his father. These are big shoes that he’s filling, and as we jump to the present, Mickey is concerned about the Trevor Elliott case. He’s not sure whether the money Griggs mentioned was paid off to a juror or a judge.

Mickey visits Cisco and Lorna with his concerns and urges the pair to be careful with this investigation. Cisco is more concerned with the name of Harold Casey in Mickey’s calendar. He’s that biker guy we saw before in this show, and someone who used to ride with Cisco. Cisco soon shrugs this off, especially as Lorna reveals she’s come up with a ruse to check Judge Stanton’s credibility. This comes from posing as a wedding couple out food tasting at a restaurant he’s linked to.

Remember that Jesus Menendez guy? Well, it turns out he’s actually a case Mickey couldn’t win. He’s been haunted by it ever since and heads in to see him now, pleading with Jesus for a second chance. Jesus is not happy and eventually forces him to leave.

On top of his own cases, Mickey also juggles Maggie’s Soto case too. He meets up with Tanya, Soto’s partner. She’s also pregnant too. She worked for Soto to begin with and soon it turned into a relationship. She never loved him but he did buy her an apartment so she felt indebted to him and needed to stay.

Mickey urges her to write down everything she knows, including dates, names and times that could help with the case.

In the morning, Mickey learns through Cisco’s intel that this big wad of money didn’t come from a bribe after all. After scouting the restaurant, it would appear Stanton is clean and the money is actually where he took out a second mortgage for the building. They’re back at square one again… or are they?

Mickey becomes wise to Trevor’s game and heads over to see him at his house. It turns out the bribe in question was actually to pay off someone on the jury. Trevor has paid off one of the jurors – juror number 7. Mickey tries to walk away from the case but… there’s a problem.

Trevor reveals that if Mickey backs out now, they’re both going to get killed. Jerry was the one who paid off the juror originally but when he filed for a continuance, he was killed for it. Not only that, Trevor’s whole company has been funded by a Russian millionaire called Kosevich. He’s a ruthless businessman and seems to be the link in all of this. It could also be the reason Trevor’s wife was killed too.

The Episode Review

There are a lot of loose ends here in this case but now it appears we’re moving into the territory of presenting a big, bad, evil Russian millionaire. To be fair though, it’s a pretty good twist and the show definitely produces a compelling set of these throughout the run-time, with the latest essentially reframing everything we’ve seen so far into a far more sinister light.

The series is a bit cliched and the supporting characters don’t have a whole lot of depth, but beyond that there’s definitely enough to like here, as the show leaves the door wide open for where this one may go next.

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