The Lincoln Lawyer – Season 1 Episode 5 “Twelve Lemmings In A Box” Recap & Review

Twelve Lemmings In A Box

Episode 5 of The Lincoln Lawyer starts with Mickey reminding Trevor Elliott that everything he does is under scrutiny. He warns Trevor to drive a normal car into court but he refuses. In fact, he doesn’t want a jury consultant at all for some reason.

Mickey needs help, and with limited manpower he heads off himself to see a woman to serve as his eyes and ears, working under the radar without Trevor knowing. Not only that, Mickey also casts his attention on this shady Anton Shavar character. Rumours have it he’s actually ex-Mossad. So for those who missed this little development several episodes ago, Cisco is here to explain all.

Lara was having an affair behind Trevor’s back with her yoga instructor Jan Rilz. Rilz was also sleeping with several other female clients – mostly married and wealthy. One among them was Anton’s ex wife, Neema Shavar. Anton runs a private security firm and, as we just found out, could well have a shady past. Interestingly, Rilz also filed a retraining order against Anton before his death, which only reinforces those suspicions.

Lorna though is more interested in Carol Dubois, the woman she visited who fed back Shavar’s name while being questioned. She’s convinced there’s something off with her but isn’t quite sure what.

However, the big drama  stems from the jury selection process. Mickey wants to go it alone but Trevor is having none of that and demands to have a part to play in this. The thing is, Golantz is also playing his own game, leading to a lot of questioning from both the defence and the prosecutor to whittle everyone down to who they way. In doing so, the jury is slowly thinned out.

It’s a big game and now we understand exactly what Mickey is doing. Remember that woman from before? Well, she’s been getting a read on the jury too, given she’s been in court this whole time and watching everyone. She’s also been watching Trevor too and pointing out any tells. It’s a risky game but eventually the two make all their plays.

After poking the hornet’s nest earlier in the episode (by approaching Neema while she’s out), Cisco is confronted by Anton at his garage. He promises to make him pay if he comes near her again, and shows off his gun. When he leaves, Cisco reveals that he’s actually been recording everything the whole time.

That night, Griggs heads over to see Mickey and points out a big load of money missing from Jerry’s account. Following Carlin’s death, police have also found a burner in his apartment. There’s nothing explicit there but it does paint a much more damning picture. It would appear that Jerry made a delivery the same day he took out all that cash. Could that money have been used for a bribe?

The Episode Review

The midway point of The Lincoln Lawyer continues to peddle this Maggie case alongside the Trevor Elliott one, and honestly there’s so little to talk about with Mags’ case that I haven’t really bothered to put it in the recap.

Instead, this episode focuses almost exclusively on the notion of Trevor Elliott’s trial and, specifically, picking the jury. Seeing this game of cat and mouse is certainly intriguing, as is the idea of these two sides trying to suss the other out and pick a bunch of people based almost exclusively on who will side them them in this investigation.

That actually works really well in the context of the episode and it helps to frame the case to come, which is likely to dominate the rest of the episodes.

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  1. Getting better. Still slow though. The lead improves with each episode but he’s still the blandest character in the ensemble. It’s the women carrying this show. Lorna and Izzy are much more interesting than Mickey Haller but Haller is beginning to grow on us.

  2. Something as simple and ubiquitous as mon Dieu, meaning my God was stated as meaning the truth. Such generally decent writing, and the word verite’ is unknown?
    Hopefully the cast gels as the season goes on.

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