The Kardashians (Hulu) – Season 2 Episode 9 Recap & Review

It’s MET Monday!

Episode 9 of The Kardashians Season 2 starts with all the sisters getting ready for the 2022 MET gala from the same hotel. Khloe is with Kim who is lending the middle sister her glam team for the event. Kim shares how it took her so long to get her hair to be blonde.

The team makes a prayer for the success of the event and Kim throws a petition for a positive verdict from the Blac Chyna defamation trial which is due on that day. Kim feels a lot more empowered and confident to go to the MET Gala as she thanks Kanye for helping start her journey which she is now following through on her own.

The mother of four calls Kourtney and the sisters catch up while getting their makeup done. Kim has set up a room for herself full of the late actress, Marilyn Monroe’s clothes and makeup which excites Kylie and Khloe. She warns the people in the room against touching any of Marilyn’s stuff in the room especially, Kylie.

The youngest of the five sisters talks about how she is excited that all the sisters are going to be on that year’s MET Gala red carpet. She claims that this year to her is about celebrating the late designer, Virgil Abbott. Kourtney shares how she is not nervous about it the least. She states that Travis’ chill energy radiates through her which reminds her why she is going to the event in the first place.

Khloe starts getting ready with Kim’s makeup team and calls Kourtney to check up on the oldest sister. Khloe claims that having the trial hanging over their heads like a knife is adding to the pressure that she has before the event. Kendall with her bleached eyebrows is getting ready at a different hotel. She declares that she is going to have a baby… horse which shocks no one in particular but the model is extremely excited about the entire ordeal.

Kris is also getting ready for the MET gala with her bob wig on. She talks about how the trial has taken over their mind. All of a sudden as she is getting ready, Kim announces to her glam team and Khloe that the verdict for the trial is in and Khloe starts panicking. She claims that she has not done anything wrong with Chyna but still is at risk of losing her dignity if the verdict goes against her.

Khloe gets into the dress and her final outfit when Kris and Corey call the two sisters. The couple shouts that the Kardashians won the trial and the sisters start cheering. Kris starts getting emotional reading the statement from the jury and claims how she is happy they as a family can move forward from this trial.

Kim claims that they won on all charges as she calls Kylie and Khloe has Kris on the other line. She wants to sue Chyna for her attorney fees and shares how this is the best lesson for her as a student of law as she begins to cry. Kim gets into the dress with a lot of protective gloves so as to not damage the dress.

The mother of four takes photos in the dress before going to the MET Gala red carpet first then takes the dress off and plans on transporting it to the event and finally wearing it back on before leaving the car so as to not damage any part of the dress. Pete Davidson makes an appearance for the first and probably the last time this season.

Pete talks about how he asked for Kim’s number at the last MET Gala red carpet and she turned him down saying that she had gloves on. Kim jokes that this time around if he asks for her number, she will give it to him. Just like Kim, Khloe also takes photos in the room. Kylie calls Kim asking for them to leave as soon as they can.

The chaos starts building up with Kim managing Khloe and Kylie’s departure before the two sisters drive to the event together. Kendall is with her team at Prada going with a big overskirt and a sheer top. The model was being weighed down by her heavy skirt as she got into her vehicle.

Kendall gets a panic attack all of a sudden and starts crying in the vehicle due to her anxiety ahead of the event. She calms down and mentions that she has to pee and relieves herself in the ice bucket under her big skirt. Kourtney and Travis get ready to leave for the event and Kourtney explains how she is so calm because she has Travis with her.

Kim and Pete are in the car driving to the red carpet with her in a robe as Pete makes jokes. Khloe and Kylie arrive first and the older of the two wears her shades to block the haters. Khloe states that she feels much better after hearing the trial verdict. Kylie mentions how she understands Khloe’s anxiety and plans to help her older sister regain her confidence back.

Kim wants Khloe to take off the glasses to make her feel more confident and texts the other people in Khloe and Kylie’s car to convince her to get rid of the glasses. The energy in the vehicle changes as they pump Khloe up after which she eventually ditches the sunglasses before leaving the car.

Kendall arrives too and so do Kourtney and Travis who kiss only with tongues in order to keep Kourtney’s lipstick from smudging. Ugh. Kim is the last to arrive and starts freaking out when her driver fails to stop at the right location. She walked down the street hiding and eventually makes it to the special green room set up for her outside the red carpet.

Kim gets into her dress and the sisters slowly start making an appearance at the MET Gala. Kris arrives first and waits on top of the stairs looking at her kids at the event. Khloe follows and receives a lot of cheers for her appearance. Kendall follows after which comes Kylie in her sporty wedding gown.

Kourtney and Travis arrive next and the four sisters take a photo together. Kim arrives last and is the star of the night as she sees her vision come true. Kim shares how all the sisters as well as Kris wore outfits that resonated with their personalities. Kris gets emotional about having such a moment with her daughters.

After the night of the MET Gala, the sisters arrive back at the hotel where Kim claims that seeing Khloe shine was the best moment for her. Kim gets out of the Marilyn Monroe dress and treats herself to pizza and doughnuts waiting for her. Kris joins Kim and Khloe in the room and they discuss how the verdict of the trial could not have come at a better time for them.

Kim wears her second Marilyn Monroe dress and takes photos before asking Pete to take a shower with her giving us the iconic moment from the trailer. Pete throws his phone and runs behind Kim to the shower as the room erupts into laughter. Khloe claims how proud she is of herself for where she has come from after what she has been through.

The Episode Review

No way did we get Pete Davidson all for five minutes in the entire season after this family added him in the trailer for clickbait purposes! I really wished for the makers of the show to stay true to their brand and show us actual moments of reality instead of Kim’s bad acting moment when her cab had supposedly missed its stop.

I am pretty sure everyone that watched this episode gagged when Kourtney and Travis kissed with only their tongues. Where’s the limit? I don’t remember signing up for this. Kendall peeing in an ice bucket was somehow more bearable to watch in comparison.

The MET Gala is not a significant event, and for the show to milk two episodes in a row out of this event seems insane considering there are so many bigger controversies they could shed light on in the show.

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