The Kardashians (Hulu) – Season 2 Episode 8 Recap & Review

I Never Thought I’d See the Day

Episode 8 of The Kardashians Season 2 opens in Milan where Kourtney and Travis are touring around Milan and visiting churches among other places before their wedding outfit trial the following day. Kourtney jokes that she plans on running down the aisle to Travis for their wedding as a gesture towards him which the Blink182 drummer approves.

The couple takes photos in their usual make-out pose and has a private tour of one of the churches. Kim is in Florida trying to get her hands on the dress and try it on another time now that she has lost a lot of weight. The mother of four reveals that the owners of the dress were not even going to let Kim try it on until the Momager, Kris called them and pulled some strings.

Kris jokes and shares that her secret is that if someone says no to her request, she’s talking to the wrong person. Kim mentions that if the dress fits her, she will be going to the MET Gala and if it does not, she won’t be going altogether. She tries on SKIMS shapewear and eventually tries on the dress with the people pushing her butt inside the dress.

Kim is finally able to fit inside most of the dress with her butt hanging outside. She states that she will be able to cover it using a fur coat. Kim takes a few photos in the dress and rushes back home to attend the Blac Chyna trial. Meanwhile, in Milan, Travis and Kourtney are getting ready for the wedding fitting. The couple reaches the Dolce & Gabanna head office and shares how nervous they are about the outfit trial.

Domenico Dolce himself arrives and greets Kourtney and her entourage. Kourtney shares how she is close with the designer. Domenico starts sharing his ideas about the upcoming wedding planning. The couple eventually part ways for their respective trials. The episode takes us through Kourtney’s fitting as she tries on her outfit.

Kourtney’s entourage is emotional as they see her in the outfit and the designer, Dolce starts working his magic on the dress as Kourtney is wearing it. Travis is trying on his outfit which he loves too. Kourtney tries on her veil and FaceTime’s Kris who is emotional seeing her firstborn in her wedding dress. The mother of three shares that she never imagined there would be a day when she would be trying on a wedding dress.

Back in the USA, Khloe is trying on her MET Gala dress from Moschino. Kim states that Khloe is modelesque and “skinnier than ever” which means she should really go to the MET Gala. Khloe claims that she was coaxed into going to the event and Kim adds that she decided that Khloe has to go which means the third Kardashian sister had to go.

Kim lets Khloe borrow her glam team in order to make Khloe feel good about herself. Khloe states that she can’t breathe in the dress and Kim states that she does not need to breathe. Kris joins the party and starts hyping Khloe up for the fitting. Kris shares that even though she is tired from the intense trial, she is taking some downtime by being there for her kids.

Khloe shares how great she feels in the dress and how she is slowly starting to be excited about the event. Back in Milan, Kourtney and Travis along with their friends are having dinner. Kourtney mentions how they had an eventful day and adds how Travis gets overwhelmed when it comes to Kourtney’s schedules.

Simon Hick, Kourtney’s friend jokes that her not being involved in the trial is so natural because she usually always is away from drama. In California, Kim is working out despite being able to fit into the dress because she is still watching her weight. She mentions how this seems to her like a movie role where actors lose and gain weight for a role and adds that Kim is playing Marilyn Monroe.

After a while, Kim gets a text before she leaves to attend the trial. She mentions that she needed to be in the courtroom for closing arguments because she was using the Blac Chyna defamation trial for her future as an aspiring attorney. Khloe and Kris are on the flight to NYC where they are joined by Kylie.

Khloe shares that the trial scares her because she has to trust the 12 jury members with her life. Kris mentions that nothing surprises her anymore. As they drive to NYC, Khloe mentions how she has gotten tired of Kris’ repetitive New York stories but humours her mother. In Milan, Kourtney and Travis are getting ready to fly back to New York.

Once they arrive in the states, the couple goes straight to try on their MET Gala outfits with Thom Browne. The outfits the couple will be wearing come in pairs and Kourtney’s deconstructed outfit is completed by Travis’ complete suit. Kim is in her hotel room as she gets her hair bleached in order to get Marilyn Monroe to look down.

She tells her hair team how high stakes wearing the dress will be for her at the event. Kim is still bleaching her head when Kylie, Khloe and Kendall arrive at the same hotel. Kylie is trying on her dress in a different room and Kim joins the sisters and starts taking photos for Kylie. The sisters talk about how the trial had been draining them out and Kim mentions that they should now focus on the MET to draw their minds away from the verdict.

The Episode Review

Knowing how the Blac Chyna case panned out, the whole narrative about the sisters being worried about the trial seems very anti-climactic. We already know that the Kardashians won the trial and that all five sisters were going to be at the MET Gala.

It is understandable to show Kim’s weight loss journey in order to fit into the Marilyn Monroe dress but the rest of the MET Gala fits from the other sisters don’t do much for the purpose of the show.

Fans want to know titbits about the lives of the KarJenner sisters that we cannot find online and the picture-perfect retelling of real-life events from the medium of the Hulu original show fails to do that. We are only seeing one side of the narrative and unlike the first episode of this season, there is sadly nothing to look forward to other than Kourtney’s wedding.

We are in Episode 8 and there is still not one clip with Pete Davidson but the makers made sure they’d sensationalise this season by having the comedian and Kim’s ex in the trailer of the show.  This makes it seem as though the entire show is clickbait and lures fans into watching the show only for the promo to seem like an empty promise.

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