The Kardashians (Hulu) – Season 2 Episode 10 Recap & Review

Here’s to Paris

Episode 10, and the season finale of, The Kardashians Season 2 starts with Kim and Kris taking a trip to Paris for Couture Fashion week where Kim will be walking for the fashion brand Balenciaga. The mother of six is joined by North, her firstborn who is taking her first trip to the city after she last performed on stage with Kanye.

Kim has a packed day which she runs down for her entourage which includes North, Kris and her boyfriend, Corey, their family cousin, Cece as well as one of North’s friends. Kris narrates a story about how Kim and herself took a trip to a Gucci store in 2007 where the momager fell face-first on the sidewalk and Kim asked the paparazzi to refrain from taking a photo of Kris.

Kylie on the other hand is appearing at the Billboard awards to support her boyfriend, Travis Scott. She tries on different Balmain dresses and claims that she loves her body even more after having her second baby. Kylie mentions how she is young and should be roaming around flaunting her body because she is comfortable and confident.

Kim gets ready for her day and North surprises her mother by dressing up in one of Kanye’s iconic jackets. She claims that Kanye did not ever store his outfits well but she made it a point to collect them for their kids. Kim jokes that despite having a fight with the rapper, she called him to store his outfits in the vault for the kids.

Kris jokes about how Kim is always late for everything and states that her patience wears off easily. Kim shares that if there is one thing that stresses her out, it’s Kris. The three generations go to their first event of the day and meet Designer Olivier Rousteing who is designing outfits for Kris, Kim and North for the Jean Paul Gaultier show.

Kim tells North how she and Kanye conceived her in the outfit Olivier designed claiming that the designer is to thank for her being on this planet. Kim shares that she has one trip a year with each of her kids to keep a work-life balance with them. The trio try on their outfits and Kim mentions how she wants to give North an insight into her life to empowering her future ambitions.

Kourtney, Travis and their kids sans Mason are having dinner together. Kourtney claims that Mason is having friends over which is why he is absent from the table. She notices that all the kids as well as Travis are busy with their phones and tries to get them to voluntarily give up their phones after she keeps hers and Travis’ phones away.

Travis’ kids give their phones easily and Travis acknowledges and verbalises his appreciation of them. The blended family has dinner together and shares their “peak and pit” of the day. The kids leave and Kourtney tucks Mason into bed. In Paris, Kim is getting fitted into her outfit for the Balenciaga couture fashion show with the brand’s creative director and German designer, Demna Gvasalia.

Kim nervously interacts with the designer as she tries on her outfit. Meanwhile, Kylie and her firstborn, Stormi are in Las Vegas to attend the Billboard awards. The mother of two does not want to steal Travis Scott’s limelight but just wishes to radiate wifey energy. At the hotel room, Stormi places an order for herself and her mother and Kylie shares how she wants to spend time with Stormi.

In Paris, Kim nervously talks to Denma and tries to see a way to make the outfit look better. The mother of four claims that it will be her first time walking for a luxury brand but her second walk down the ramp in total. Kim shares how actress Demi Moore gave her some great advice for the event but adds that she has already forgotten it.

Kim jokes that she took tips from Kendall to prepare for the main show. The next afternoon, Kris and Cece have lunch before the Balenciaga show. Cece recalls how she always dreamed of being able to watch a fashion show on her own and Kim made it possible for her to do so.

Kris compliments Kim’s generosity in thinking about Cece but Cece thanks Kris’ perseverance for making it happen. The mother of six continues to praise Kim and everything she is doing with her life. The two have their meal and joke about how they don’t have any time to rest now and that the luxury meal was their rest.

Kim and Kris talk about how the mother of six would wake all the kids up at 7 am every day when they were younger and adds how she is thankful to her mother for making her form a good habit that has benefitted her now. In Vegas, Kylie and Stormi get ready to go to the 2022 BBMAs to support Travis Scott while Kim gets ready for her Balenciaga show.

Kim talks to her team about how her sisters all have different walks and that she will be embodying Kendall’s walk for the show. She calls Kendall to get some of her “model vibes” and begins getting ready for the show. Kim states how she pees a lot when she is nervous and explains how she has a pee jar in her car for when she gets very anxious.

Meanwhile, North is enjoying the attention fans give her as she walks out of the hotel room. Kris takes North out a second time seeing how excited North was to hear fans cheering for her. Kim walks the runway in her most mechanical walk with a stoic face and Kris claims how amazing it was to witness Kim walk for Balenciaga.

The mother of four jokes that looking at North almost made her laugh and Kris adds that she was very close to cheering Kim on. Kim is getting ready for the last thing on her Paris to-do list which is the Jean Paul Gaultier show. She mocks how Kris pronounces the names of brands and they have a small session of making fun of Kris’ pronunciation.

Kim, North, Cece and Kris leave for the show and the mother of four shares how seeing North in her element makes her very happy. At the show, North used a poster asking the paps to stop taking pictures of her which had Kim “dying”. The show ends with a bang as Jean Paul Gaultier gives Kim a hug.

The episode ends with one final revisit to the day when Khloe’s surrogate went into delivery. Kris, Kourtney, and Kim come to visit Khloe, True and her new baby. Kris compliments Khloe for handling the situation so well and Kim shares how proud she is of all her sisters for being good moms.

Khloe ends the season by saying how she is glad for bringing herself back up after what happened to her. She adds that one thing her family does not do when they fall down stays down. Kendall jokes that she will be moving to a ranch soon and Kourtney is thankful for how her life has turned out to be with Travis Barker, the love of her life.

Kim is thankful for being able to live her life just the way she likes and Kris shares how she has come to realise that not everything is in her control. Kylie mentions that she is happy about her life-changing as she is now a mother of two. She states that she still hasn’t named her son officially and jokes that that could be something to look forward to in Season 3.

The Episode Review

Season 2 of The Kardashians comes to a bland end and it seems like the makers themselves gave up on the show knowing well that the family is only doing the show to stay relevant and not to entertain viewers.

The season ends with Kylie promising to reveal her son’s real name in Season 3 but we all know that social media is where fans can get all their authentic information about the family and the drama associated with every member.

Scott, Mason, and Rob’s absences from the show prove that the family is no longer even trying to be authentic. They are all trying to present a cookie-cutter version of their personalities which is inauthentic to the brand they created with Keeping Up With The Kardashians. What a disappointment.

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