The Kardashians (Hulu): Episode 6 “The Life or Death Sentence” Recap & Review

“The Life or Death Sentence”

The last episode saw Kim talk about how she has only one shot to reach her goal of becoming a lawyer as she preps to take the baby bar exam (officially known as the First-Year Law Students’ Examination).

Meanwhile, Kourtney and Kim discussed Kanye who still is not willing to sign the divorce papers to finally call it quits and Scott continues to act like he is being excluded from every event as he gets into a fight with Kendall, who was the only KarJenner sister to defend him at Kourtney’s engagement get-together.

The birthday party drama

Episode 6 starts from the tortuous discussion between Scott, Kris, and Kendall at Kris’ house when Scott suddenly accuses Kendall of not inviting him to her birthday party, which “Kravis” aka Kourtney and Travis attended.

Kendall tells Scott that the newly-engaged couple stayed back for the party after they came to visit her and that none of the other family members were invited as it was a low-key event for Kendall and her friends.

Kris jumps in to say that there was no party at all, trying to pacify Scott’s hurt feelings but is busted when Kendall clearly states that there was a party and that no one was invited in particular.

Everyone talks over each other as Scott is trying to point out his feelings about suddenly losing the entire family now that Kourtney is engaged. After Kendall tries to explain why she did not invite Scott to her birthday dinner, Scott’s constant talking triggers her so much that she snaps at him and leaves the discussion without a resolution.

Scott then tells Kris that if they do not want him to be a part of the family anymore, it would be better if they would just say that to his face. Kris tries to calm him down by claiming that they do love him still and he would always be a part of the family.

Scott’s toxic behavior

Kris clarifies that Kendall is stuck in the middle of defending her sister’s new life and Scott’s feelings. Kris also reassures Scott that Kendall was indeed the only one that stood up for Scott during the engagement. Kris says that it is hard for her to see anyone in the family arguing and states that it is high time that Scott gets a hold of his emotions. 

Next, Kendall jumps on a call with Kourtney as she asks to drop by her house to discuss the drama between herself and Scott. At Kourtney’s house, three out of five sisters gather as Kendall, Kourtney, and Khloe discuss Scott’s toxic behavior. They mention how it’s not Kendall or any other family member’s responsibility to deal with Scott.

The sisters discuss the issue while Kourtney appears to be rather busy on her phone and the trio eventually decides that it is time for Kourtney to set boundaries with Scott by telling him to stop putting the family members in the middle. Kendall points out that Scott’s emotions come from a place of guilt because of his past actions. 

“The princess has entered the building”

The episode then moves to “the princess has entered the building” fame, Kim Kardashian who is manifesting her dream of making her father, Rob Kardashian proud by becoming a lawyer.

Kim meets with a friend, Scott Budnick, a man who has dedicated his life to prison reform. Kim says that Budnick was someone who first made her see how she could make a difference by taking her to prison.

Budnick asks Kim what her next move would be after passing the bar and Kim states that she would like to start a firm that would employ formerly incarcerated people as she fights for justice for the falsely incarcerated people.

The episode then shows a flashback from December of 2020, the day when the falsely accused, Brandon Bernard, was executed. Kim discusses how she was the last call he made and viewers get to see Kim’s raw emotions as she weeps sorrowfully for the man. The two also discuss Kim’s deceased father, Robert Kardashian who was a lawyer by profession before he passed away. Kim says that if he were alive, today, he would be really proud of Kim and how she is turning her life out to be. 

The basketball drama

Following that, Khloe and Tristan Thompson (the father of her daughter, True) arrive at Kim’s house to use the gym. While working out together, Khloe pries Tristan to talk about a recent headline that suggested the basketball player had an audience member kicked out of the game for talking badly about Khloe.

Tristan claims that the audience member tried to heckle him mid-game by saying that Khloe was a “wh*re” and Tristan was one of her many basketball player conquests. The duo discusses Tristan’s actions and Khloe claims that Tristan is very loyal to the family.

Soon, Kim enters to greet Khloe accompanied by babies, Chicago and Psalm, paired with a rare sighting of Kanye West alongside. Kim plays a virtual prank on Tristan which causes a lot of giggles.

Kim states that even though Kanye walked out of her SNL show that was a part of episode 4, Kim is going to take the high road with him and welcome him whenever he wishes to meet the kids amid their divorce battle.

As soon as Kim and Kanye leave, Khloe and Tristan discuss the family dynamic the Kardashians have with their baby daddies. Khloe says that Scott is never leaving, Kanye is never leaving and it looks like Tristan too, is never leaving. Tristan then follows with the most controversial line from the season when he says, “More like you are never leaving me.”

Kim’s average day

The episode then gets a deeper look at what Kim’s average day looks like now that she is working her way to becoming a lawyer as she waits for the results from the baby bar exam she took in Episode 5. The duo of Budnick and Kim discuss the case of Julius Jones who is on death row and both start asking famous celebrities to talk about the case who is believed to be falsely accused using their social media platforms.

Kim’s influence can really be seen after multiple celebrities including Common, John Legend, Amy Schumer, and James Corden among others talk about Jones’ false incarceration using their platforms upon Kim’s request.

The episode then shows Kanye West having his kids taken to school in a firetruck. With North all grown up and Saint ready to go to school, the kids are strapped in with seatbelts as Kanye drops them off. Kanye also tells the filming crew how he feels like many parents are trying to be the cool dads while they should really be super dads and do what the kids enjoy, even if it involves wearing the Easter bunny costume.

The newly engaged, Kourtney and Travis are next seen at the OB-GYN office where they are ready to seek a way to have a baby somehow by retrieving Kourtney’s eggs. The doctor gives Kourtney a very positive reaction by saying this was the best she has ever been on her road to getting pregnant with Travis Barker. The couple walks hand in hand out of the doctor’s office and a classic Kravis make-out scene follows. 

An innocent man saved

The episode takes viewers next to the day of Julius Jones’ execution where Kim is playing a key role alongside the people of America in an attempt to free him. Kim shares her anxiety as she also discusses how she has been in touch with Jones, comforting him and hearing him out as the final decision awaits.

Kim then receives a call telling her that Julius Jones’ death sentence was commuted to a life sentence in prison without the possibility of parole. Kim discusses how she is glad that an innocent man’s life was saved and talks about how she will try to further help him be free. Kim says that this is why she needs to clear the bar and get law school out of the way in order to really be able to help people.

Penelope and Reign, the children of Kourtney and Scott Disick, then appear as Kourtney plays table tennis with Penelope who has won a game against her mother. Travis Barker enters the room and Kourtney hands the racket to Reign as she makes out with Travis which Penelope follows with a classic, “Mom, no kissing,” comment.

“I’m gonna die. Ew guys”

The Kravis modern family is then seen at the dinner table with Travis and his three kids and Kourtney accompanied by her youngest of three, Reign Disick. Kourtney then states that one of the reasons why she fell in love with Travis was because of his rapport with his kids as well as hers. The couple seated at the head of the dinner table start making out again, and Reign is heard saying, “I’m gonna die. Ew guys.”

The seven-year-old asks the newly-engaged couple to not kiss again and Travis agrees. Travis’ kids then leave and the couple shares their excitement about the OB-GYN visit the next day. Travis praises Kourtney for being very strong.

How does episode 7 end?

In the final leg of the episode, Kendall invites Scott over to her house after having a chat with Kourtney’s baby daddy following their banter at the beginning of the episode. Scott and Kendall have a one-on-one discussion as they talk about the fight, which could be their first fight since knowing each other.

Kendall states that she would always be supportive of Scott and was trying to apologize for the situation as everyone in the family was just trying to process the new dynamic between Scott and Kourtney now that Kourtney is engaged to Travis. Scott then says how he understands where Kendall is coming from and that he does not blame her for siding with her sister anymore.

Kendall states that after Scott’s reaction, she had tried to shut down the argument by walking away and closing off while Scott also acknowledges how Kendall and he will always be one family. 

Finally, the episode reveals Kim’s baby bar result as she seats with North and their friends. Kim logs on to the portal after failed password attempts as her hands shiver, waiting for the result. Kim squeals as she declares that she passed and immediately starts crying while she gets on a call with her professor. Kim and North high five as the eight-year-old cheers her mother for her achievement.

The Episode Review

This episode, unlike the other episodes on the show, really dove deep into Kim’s journey and showed fans why she really wants to be a lawyer after all. From failing the baby bar during her first attempt and then re-attempting to try to help the falsely incarcerated.

Fans of The Kardashians have really seen Kim grow from being a material girl to someone motivated and wanting to make a change by using her voice for good. 

For the first time in her life, it seems like Kourtney is doing something for herself rather than for the family or her kids. It’s really refreshing for fans of the family to see a new change in the oldest Kardashian sibling as she makes herself and her new relationship a priority.

Travis fits well into the family and it is all thanks to her long years of friendship from years ago, ever since Travis first made an appearance on the show back in 2017. Yes, the kissing is now getting out of hand with tongues involved but it seems like she is being raw and unedited and that she is comfortable enough to show her emotions without any fear as opposed to when she was with Scott. 

Scott, on the other hand, can be seen carrying a lot of baggage all due to his past actions. In the words of Khlo-money, “When you have to swallow that pill, it’s a hard pill to swallow.” With Kourtney not paying any attention to Scott, the father of three vents his frustrations towards other family members, namely Kris and Kendall who are both, shockingly, his biggest supporters in the entire family.

It seems like Scott is attempting to gain sympathy by arguing with the only two people that really have his back and it looks very bad for him in the public eye.

Khloe is now living her best life as she is cordial with her baby daddy Tristan, who really irks many fans of the family – and rightfully so. The episode saw him appearing like a borderline psychopath as he alleges that Khloe will never be leaving him.

After multiple cheating scandals, it is really saintly of Khloe for taking him back to be a part of their daughter’s life while he continues to pursue a romantic angle with Khloe. What will be most shocking to see is how Khloe will react to the news of his most recent paternity test controversy that involved another baby mama that is yet to be released in the future episodes of the show.

Aside from not knowing how to cut cucumbers, Kendall really needs to work on her social skills because running away from a winning conversation was really not the right way to go.

Scott was obviously making a big deal out of the birthday invitation and despite the fact that she took the first step to apologize to him, she did not put him down using the arguments she used when she narrated the story to her sisters. Seems like when a lot of emotions are involved, you really can’t think right.

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