The Good Doctor – Season 6 Episode 6 “Hot & Bothered” Recap & Review

Hot & Bothered

Episode 6 of the Good Doctor season 6 starts with Shaun at home preparing to head to the hospital. There is a heatwave and he is arming himself with things he might need to fight off the heat.

At the hospital, he spots Lim having trouble with the heat due to her spinal cord injury. Powell shares with Shaun that she told Lim not to rush into surgery to fix her spinal injury.

Obviously, Shaun is not pleased to hear she interfered with the surgery he worked so hard to perfect. He is also not happy that they will be working on a case together. While working on their patient, Shaun keeps getting contradicted by Powell which makes him pissed as he feels she is ignoring his experience.

The heatwave caused a blackout in the city and the senior resident’s home and their patients are being directed to the hospital. Andrews puts Reznick and Asher in charge of the senior patients but they lose one, Albert. This forces them to drive for a while outside the hospital trying to spot Albert.

Reznick is being grumpy and Asher thinks it is because she is having a hard time getting back into the dating game. As they drive around and mistakenly kidnap an old man who they thought was Albert, they bond. Reznick confides in Asher that she is sad as she feels she is running out of time to fulfil some of her dreams, she desperately wants to be a mother.

Parker’s senior patient, Edena develops issues and test results show that she has a developing tumor in her lungs. Parker believes that Edena shouldn’t have surgery to remove the tumor given her age but she is insistent. She asks for a second opinion and Glassman tells her the same thing but she demands to have the surgery even with the risks. Glassman and Parker perform the surgery and Edena luckily makes it off the surgery table alive but she still has limited time to live.

Meanwhile, Allen and Perez work on a patient, May who is sadly dying. The heatwave damaged her organs and they are failing. Perez being an empath is hoping to make her transition to the afterlife painless and smooth as possible. Allen decides to help him and they are able to make the patient enjoy her final moments. At the end of it, Perez is moved by Allen’s thoughtfulness and tells her she is an amazing person.

Shaun and Powell argue back and forth on the best approach to save their patient. Shaun tells Lea that he finds Powell annoying because she is contrary. Lea advises him to identify his issues with her. As the patient‘s condition gets worse, the strife between Powell and Shaun deepens and Shaun refuses to be challenged or contradicted by her. He decides to take her off the case.

After being taken off the case, Powell and Lim bonded by playing basketball with her wheelchair basketball team. She is hoping that Lim will stop seeing herself as someone who is sick or injured because she is in a wheelchair. Lim is initially hesitant but soon starts enjoying the game and meeting new people who understand her disability.

Shaun updates the patient on the improvising surgery he wants to perform on him but the patient wants Powell back on his case. Shaun asks Glassman for advice on how to deal with the situation and work with Powell. Glassman advises him to find a common ground between himself and Powell.

At the beginning of the surgery, Shaun has a hard time spotting the common ground and keeps disregarding Powell’s ideas. Powell gets frustrated by the situation and confronts Shaun about his attitude. She tells him that their common ground is being different from most people. The back -up generators give out when they are in surgery and this forces them to adjust their surgery plans. Powell’s suggestion saves the day and they are able to find their common ground, it turns out they are both surgical history geeks.

The Episode Review

Honestly, Shaun was being a jerk to Powell and acting extremely unprofessional. He was not exactly the darling of senior surgeons when he started but they still treated him professionally. He needs to adjust himself as he is in charge of teaching the residents now. He shouldn’t allow his personal opinions to get in the way of their education to be better doctors. He needs to understand that just because he is more experienced, it doesn’t mean he is always right.

Asher gave us a lot of relatable laughter in this episode though; the scene where they mistakenly kidnapped an old man on the street was certainly funny.

The show celebrated its 100th episode during this episode, and based on what we’ve seen, hopefully it will have 100 more.

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  1. Shaun was acting like an immature brat in dealing with Powell, but he was angry that she had influenced Lim not to have the surgery to reverse her paralysis. Then he disagreed everything Powell said as soon as she said it without bothering to listen. He didn’t like her disagreeing with him, but he often disagreed with superiors when he was a resident. Taking her off the case was inexcusable. Fortunately, the patient wanted her back on the case, and she was reinstated and contributed well to the outcome. Shaun behaved badly, but he gradually turned things around to a decent outcome with Powell. But this wasn’t one of better moments.

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