The Good Doctor – Season 6 Episode 5 “Growth Opportunities ” Recap & Review

Growth Opportunities

Episode 5 of Good Doctor season 6 starts with Shaun, Glassman, Andrews and Lim discussing the new surgery plan that Shaun has to fix Lim’s paralysis. Glassman is wary of this new surgery plan and is quick to point out the risks. Andrews asks them to work together to better the odds and Lim agrees.

Shaun gets busy trying to come up with a new surgery plan for Lim with low risks and Lea suggests he delegates some of his work to allow him some free time. Shaun thinks this is a great idea and is excited to do it.

On the other hand, Lim’s date with her hot neighbour is distracting her from the reality of the upcoming surgery to fix her paralysis. Reznick decides to help her get ready but Lim is worried that she is rushing life and the date. Reznick thinks she should enjoy herself and live in the moment.

Perez and Allen are working together on a case and Perez worries that he complicated their relationship. Perez admits he likes Allen but he can’t cross the line and it is not because they work together. He refuses to share his reasons for holding back but asks that they remain friends.

Asher and Powell also find themselves in a dilemma when they discover that the dad of their young patient doesn’t know he is not her biological father. Shaun delegates the job of informing the couple and biological father to Asher and Powell. They worry that the truth might destroy the couple’s marriage and need to find a delicate way to tell the dad.

They decide to notify the mother first and she admits she cheated on her husband with his old college roommate. She asks them to keep it a secret from her husband but they clearly explain that they legally can’t keep the results from him. She hesitantly agrees to give them the biological father’s details before going to explain the truth to her husband.

They notify the biological dad, Nick and Jake( the husband ) accidentally show up during their discussions. They get into a fight and Asher finds himself on the receiving end of a punch. Poor Asher! Shaun scolds them for doing a terrible job of choosing a place to talk with Nick.

Shaun still has the pressing issue of coming up with a new surgery plan for Lim but every time he talks to Glassman he thwarts his effort. Shaun thinks Glassman is still angry with him over the last surgery he did on Lim. Glassman admits he is mad at Shaun but he is not shooting down his ideas over his anger but because his ideas are too risky.

Park asks Shaun to help him by talking to his dying patient who is worried about leaving his younger brother behind. Park was hoping that Shaun could talk to him about his experience when his brother died and assure him that his little brother will be okay. Shaun angrily turns him down saying he needs to focus on Lim.

Lea confronts Glassman and asks him to re-evaluate how he is handling his anger with Shaun. She points out that she is making it harder for him and he should make the first move. She reminds Glassman that although Shaun is a grown man as his father, Glassman should make the first move. This strikes a chord with Glassman and reminds him of his old fights with his late daughter. He talks with Shaun and tells him even though he is angry he still loves him and they work together to perfect the surgery plan.

They discuss the new surgery plan with Lim and she promises to think about it. After her dinner with her hot neighbour, Lim is disappointed because he didn’t see it as a date. She thinks she should agree to the surgery but Powell asks her to think about it some more. Lim decides that she won’t do the surgery and Shaun has a hard time understanding why she turned it down.

Lea talks with Shaun and tries to make him understand Lim’s decision. She tells him that when people are in pain, the least they can do is try to help whether it is fruitful or not. This makes Shaun decide to talk to Park’s patient and tries to help the two brothers.

After their shift, Perez confides in Allen that he is a recovering heroin addict and that is why they can’t date. Allen understands that it is not about her and agrees to be friends.

The Episode Review

There were a lot of moving parts in this episode, I think Shaun secretly blames himself for how Lim’s first surgery turned out. I believe he thought everything would get better if he could fix her paralysis. Unfortunately, Lim is not ready for this.

It’s a bit disturbing to find Powell straight up asking Lim not to do the surgery. I know she is doing it with good intentions but I think this is a decision that Lim should make after deeply reflecting on her own. So far, someone is telling her how she should feel and act and I don’t even understand why Glassman was deciding whether the surgery plan is risky or not. She is the patient and she happens to be a surgeon as well, she understands the risk.

I am glad Lea confronted Glassman about his attitude; he is a grown man why is he throwing emotional tantrums like a toddler?

It is also a bad idea for Shaun to delegate patient care to his subordinates without supervising them. It is his job to teach them. He doesn’t have to hover over them but he needs to ask them to update him before they do something.

Lastly, we finally know why Allen and Perez can’t go any further in their relationship. It is sad but we hope Perez will stay strong in his recovery. At least they can remain friends and Perez has someone he can confide in.

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