The Good Doctor – Season 6 Episode 4 “Shrapnel” Recap & Review


The Good Doctor season 6 episode 4 starts with Shaun and Lea at home. Lea is worried that the rift between Lim and Lea is taking a toll on Shaun. Shaun argues he is okay, that he still has other friends and mentors and he hurriedly leaves for a pancake date with Glassman. Unfortunately, Glassman cancels their date on the pretence that something came up at the clinic.

On the other hand, Lim is getting ready for work and she runs into her handsome neighbor by the elevator. She had a meltdown before him a few weeks back and he wants to know if she is okay. She tells him that she had some honest discussions with the bane of her existence aka Shaun Murphy and she feels good about it.

Meanwhile, Park is having a wild morning of his own when the woman he slept with the night before turns him down for a second date. Apparently, she is married, a fact she didn’t divulge until the deed was done. Oopsie!

At the hospital, Shaun, Powell and Asher are treating a military re-enactor who thought it would be a good idea to use real explosives to make the re-enactment more realistic and fun. Seeing as he ended up in the hospital with shrapnel in his arm, it is best to assume he got the authenticity right but not the fun part. Fortunately, they are able to save the man’s arm even though it was a difficult series of surgeries.

Asher and Powell get into a misunderstanding as he tries to understand her better. Powell mistakes his curiosity about her military life before becoming a doctor as a sign of a lack of confidence. In actuality, Asher is trying to understand her but his methods were a bit ignorant and judgmental. In the end, Powell opens up to him and tells him why she chose the military.

Park, Allen and Perez are working on a patient whose leg was severed from the ankles when he got run over by a ski boat when skinny dipping. The problem is the police are yet to recover his foot and Park wants to hold out for a while as search and rescue look for the foot in the lake. He sends Allen and Perez to perfuse the foot as soon as it is found.

As Perez and Allen wait by the lake for search and rescue to find the foot, they talk about random things like how Perez is alike to his dad and Allen is a cynic at heart. They seem to be getting on fairly well and even have an ongoing bet on whether the foot will be found. Luckily the foot is found and they are able to save the patient’s leg.

Lea is concerned about Shaun so she checks in with Glassman who informs her that he cancelled their breakfast date. Glassman tells her he wants Shaun to take responsibility for what happened to Lim. This shocks Lea as she doesn’t think Shaun hurt Lim. Glassman walks away telling her that if Shaun has a problem with Lim, he should deal with it.

Andrews is also concerned for Shaun after he insists on not sharing an office with Park and moving his office into a storage room. He asks Glassman to handle the issue as both Shaun and Lim are close to him. Glassman talks with Shaun and tells him he cancelled the breakfast because he is angry at him. He thinks Shaun is at fault for what happened to Lim because he changed the surgery procedure against his orders. Shaun is adamant that he did nothing wrong because the parameters changed and he made the right call. Glassman insists that Shaun should take some kind of responsibility for what happened with Lim. Shaun gets angry and asks him to leave his office.

After the end of the shift, Allen and Perez go back to the lake and almost kiss but Powell pulls away and leaves without an explanation. Lim also has another run-in with her hot neighbor and she invites him for dinner.

At home, while laying in bed, Shaun has an epiphany about a surgery that can fix Lim’s paralysis and heads over to Glassman’s house in the middle of the night. He is excited that he can fix everything.

The Episode Review

I am tired of the whole ‘let’s blame Shaun’ train that is going on. He performed surgery and I don’t think it is his fault that Lim ended up paralyzed. No one could have predicted it happening and Glassman knows this so what is his problem?

I hope this new surgery plan will work and we can put the issue to rest, we can’t possibly discuss the same thing this whole season. I pray the writers will have a better storyline for Shaun other than him being some kind of scapegoat.

Was I the only one who got excited about Perez and Allen before ending up disappointed? I thought they had good vibes and looked cute together. Why did Perez pull away?

Lastly, I believe Park is still in love with Reznick, will he give her another shot or ignore his feelings?

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