The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

I Brought Home The Girl I Like’s Glasses

Episode 7 of The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses begins with Komura and Mie drawing portraits of each other in art class. Mie draws a cute version of Komura despite her inability to see him without her glasses.

The following day, Mie bumps into Someya in the girls’ restroom, and Someya comments on her eyelashes. Mie returns to class with her eyes shut, making Komura wonder what’s wrong with her. Later, two girls approach Mie and ask her to walk home with them. Mie complies but accidentally leaves her glasses behind on her desk.

After finishing a task for his teacher, Komura spots the glasses on Mie’s desk. He texts Mie over LIME and asks her if he can bring them home over the weekend to protect them from theft. Mie accepts his offer. Komura has a tough time concentrating with Mie’s glasses in his room. He contemplates several ways to avoid thinking about Mie, but he cleans her glasses all the same.

Mie calls Komura over LIME and asks him if his glasses are okay. Komura says they’re fine, while Mie states how having her glasses there feels like she’s spiritually visiting his place. This results in Komura having a difficult time sleeping over the weekend.

After resolving the matter with Mie on a different day, we transition to another one, as Mie accidentally trips and lands in Komura’s arms. She apologizes for her clumsy behavior, as another day passes.

One of Mie’s friends notices Mie forgot to pamper herself since she has a bedhead. Mie asks Komura if she looks okay, and Komura says she looks fine. Later, Mie notices Komura’s having shoulder issues and offers to rub his shoulders to help him. Afterward, Mie writes this event in her notebook to comment on things she can do for Komura when she loses her glasses. Mie arrives at school the following day with her glasses on and interacts with a sleeping Komura. Komura wakes up. The episode closes with Mie telling Komura that he can get a good look at her in return.

The Episode Review

The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses continues to be a weird program to sit through every week. Although this chapter has some semblance of wholesome activity between our protagonists, it lacks in multiple areas, making it tough to sit through for many folks. The debacle concerning Komura’s problems with bringing Mie’s glasses home was bothersome and bizarre. 

While it makes somewhat sense for Komura to react this way given what we know of his character, it was still a strange occurrence to sit through. Furthermore, the series continues splicing together random encounters between the two to develop their connection. The problem lies in the anime’s failure to choose a specific theme to roll with for an episode. 

For example, audiences would love to have a chapter dedicated to Mie visiting Komura’s home and interacting with his mother. The same can be said with Komura visiting Mie’s place and performing the same activity. Instead, the anime continues inserting random scenarios between the two in hopes of eliciting a satisfying response from viewers. Although this wasn’t a downright terrible chapter, many are hopeful The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses can deliver a solid conclusion by the end of the season. 

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